Band Or DJ, Which Should You Have At Your Wedding?

Getting married is an exciting and once-in-a-lifetime (hopefully) affair. You want everything to go perfectly and most of all you want to make great memories that will last you and your guests a lifetime. Entertaining your guests is an important part of making all this come to pass.

If there are two things people remember from a wedding it’s the food and the entertainment; if either or both of these are great or lousy, it won’t disappear from everyone’s memories any time soon. So you’ve zeroed in on entertainment and it’s time to figure out whether you will go with a live band or a DJ, or maybe even both. Here are a few pros and cons of each to help you decide.

Band Pros:

Bands are great for a live, party feel in the occasion. Because they have various members and the flexibility to adapt to the various moods and moments in the wedding, they are great for the formalizing ceremony and possibly the dinner or reception in the wedding.

If you have them play some great tunes during this time, it will help your guests settle into the mood you are trying to project. In addition, bands are great with crowd management; they know how to work a crowd. You want this to happen especially when the dance floor is opened and no one is venturing there. These are the upsides to going with a band.

Band Cons:

On the flip side, bands can be both expensive and unpredictable. Most bands have a minimum of four members and this means you have to pay more to pay each band member a fair share. They are also unpredictable because they are playing live. If one of the band members is a no show or the lead has a nasty cold, it could go south for your entertainment. In addition, getting a band to play a huge selection of music is impossible because of the finite number of songs they can play.

This may limit the music selection played. Also in the event that you have an after party, bands are usually not great for this because they may get exhausted at some point or simply run out of great numbers to belt out

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DJ Pros:

Getting a DJ for your ceremony will get you quite a number of advantages. The topmost is the cost. Most DJs are solo acts so they will be able to charge you far much less than a band would. In terms of music variety, most DJs have a huge selection of music that you can pick a few favorites from and that appeal to a diverse range of tastes and preferences. Getting a DJ is also great because the DJ (sometimes) will also have great crowd moving skills and will be able to move the crowd when need arises. The best part of getting a DJ is that if you plan on having an after party, the DJ can stay on and up the tempo to get the party rocking.

DJ Cons:

A DJ may be cheap but they may also not have the sort of people skills you need. It’s not enough to just play some songs and that’s it, a great DJ knows he/she is there to entertain the crowd and they get this done in addition to the music. Because of the heavy reliance on equipment, if anything fails, the DJ would be stuck (unlike a band that can improvise). This is a big challenge. A DJ also has the disadvantage of being alone or a solo act. This means if they fall sick or for some reason cannot make it, the whole act is off.

Getting a DJ could also mean you don’t get the live interactive experience that a band brings, where the crowd can jump in and sing along, the band can change the tempo, etc. In this regard, a DJ lacks the creative flexibility to flow with the crowd.

From these various pros and cons you can see each option carries a fair share of advantages and disadvantages. The best option (if cost allows) would be to get both, and have them alternate as the mood allows. For instance, when people are eating the DJ could put some easy tunes, and when the toasting begins the band takes over, and so on. This way, you get the best of both worlds.

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