Best Ways How To Keep Your Flowers Looking Fresh

Everybody loves receiving flowers, they can even brighten the day of someone in bereavement. Making them last as long as possible is a actually very simple, here are 8 tips that you need to know to achieve this.

  1. When you get home, cut the stems on a 45 degree angle and regularly re-trim the end of the stems so the flowers can draw the fresh water solution constantly. The base of the stems tend to seal up naturally after being cut, this inhibits their ability to have access to the food solution.
  1. Your vase needs to start off free of bacteria, this is easily solved by just cleaning it with warm soapy water and letting it dry in the sun. If you have a crystal or glass vase, try dissolving a Disprin in it when it is full of water, this will help to give it a sparkling clean finish.
  1. Strip all the leaves off the stems that will be below the water line. These leaves will rot quickly and produce a repulsive smell, also if the vase is glass these will be visible and ugly.
  2. If you have any say in choosing the flowers, tulips are great, as they continue to grow even after they have been cut. Another great choice for long lasting flowers are Thai Orchids that will last over a month in a vase.
  3. Consider separating the bunch of flowers, as a flower such as a rose by it self in a narrow vase can be simple but look very elegant.
  4. To make the food solution, mix together a teaspoon of white vinegar, sugar and bleach. You will still need to replace this flower food solution but it will help to lengthen the life of the flowers and fight the slim and revolting smell that may be produced by decomposing organic plant material.
  5. It is worth collecting a decent range of vases to choose from so you can mix and match to have the right balance.
  6. To help avoid accidents of the entire flower arrangement from falling over, try putting pebbles into the base of the vase to help make it stabilize. Also try rolling up some chicken wire and put that inside the vase to give the stems something to grip to, do note that this wire will rust in time and the pebbles must be removed and cleaned in warm soupy water to remove built up stinky slime.
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