Bracelets: Gold, Silver Or Both?

Here’s some insight on choosing whether Gold, Silver Or Both is the best for you.

As a general rule, if you are buying jewellery as a gift for someone you should take note of what metal they tend to wear.  If they wear silver most often, then opt for silver jewellery as a gift and vice versa if they wear gold.  Some people just prefer silver because it is a little more low-key than the rather more glamorous gold, whilst others may only wear gold because they are allergic to some of the metals usually mixed in with silver, such as nickel.

Jewellery shops are full of gold bracelets and silver bracelets, some plain and delicate, some chunky and decorative.  Some, such as the 20/20 Bi-Metal bracelet by Links of London feature both gold and silver. This is great if you really can’t make up your mind or if you like the look of gold but wear mostly silver.

If it’s gold you’re interested in, you can buy gold bracelets in yellow gold, white gold or rose gold to suit your skin tone and personal taste.  White gold is usually a mixture of gold with palladium or silver, whilst copper added to gold creates rose gold.  If you (or the intended recipient of a gift you want to buy) is known to be sensitive to any of these metals then stick to yellow gold.  The higher the karat, the less chance there is of an allergic reaction because of the greater purity of the gold. But beware that bracelets are seldom made from 24K gold as this is too soft to be worn around the wrists, where it could be easily damaged.

As for the style of silver and gold bracelets, most jewellery shops will have a lot of different designs on display and it can be difficult to choose which one to buy.  There are charm bracelets, friendship bracelets, bangles and even watches with a bracelet-style strap. These are all available in gold or silver finishes.  If you are buying for a friend, think about the style of jewellery that they normally wear and try to find something similar.

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Think about their style of clothing, too if they like a lot of bright colours opt for a simple, one-colour bracelet that won’t clash.  If they wear simple, classic clothes then you could choose bracelets with a little more colour and detail.

Finally, when choosing a bracelet make sure that it fits properly on the wrist that it will be worn upon (usually bracelets are worn on the non-dominant hand so if you or your friend are right-handed it will be worn on the left wrist).  The dominant wrist is usually slightly larger than the non-dominant wrist due to the greater workload placed on the dominant hand.  Most jewellery shops will let you try on the bracelet or give you advice on how to select the right size as a gift. The choice is up to you, but hopefully here’s some insight on choosing whether gold, silver or a mixture is the best for you.

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