Can a Cold Laser Really Melt Fat?

How could a cold laser possibly melt fat or anything else? Some of the terminology surrounding cold laser fat removal can be confusing and misleading, but understanding how the process works, what to expect during treatment, and the before and after results can clear up much of the confusion surrounding these innovative weight loss solutions.

Cold lasers emulsify fat. Cold lasers don’t really melt fat, but actually emulsify it. The contents that make up the inside of a fat cell are structurally altered into a liquefied state. At the same time, the stimulation from the laser light itself causes a small hole called a transitory pore to form in the cell’s outer membrane, through which the liquefied fat is released into the extracellular space inside the body. From here, the emulsified fat is reabsorbed and eliminated by the body over the course of a few weeks.

Body sculpting versus weight loss. Cold laser fat removal is considered a body sculpting technique rather than a weight loss treatment. Body sculpting patients will certainly lose a few pounds, but the results of the treatment are measured in inches, not pounds. The goal of the treatment is to help patients lose measurable inches from the targeted treatment area. For most patients, this means losing cumulative inches from the body’s midsection: the waist, hips, and thighs.

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What happens during treatments? There are several different treatment options for cold laser fat reduction, but the Zerona laser is the only patented, FDA-approved laser for body sculpting to date. Zerona laser treatments are usually a series of 6 treatment sessions scheduled over the course of 2 weeks. Each treatment session consists of a total of 40 minutes of laser treatment time, and the total appointment time can be kept to under one hour.

During sessions, patients recline comfortably while the laser is applied over the treatment area for 20 minutes on each side of the body. The laser is completely noninvasive and is actually neither hot nor cold, so the patient feels nothing and can even take a quick cat nap during the treatment session. Immediately afterward, the patient may actually feel invigorated and revitalized from the stimulation of the treatment session. There are no known side effects and no negative long-term effects of the treatments.

Before and after results of laser body sculpting. Zerona before and after results include an average loss of 3.64 circumferential inches from the targeted treatment area. Depending on the patient’s body sculpting goals, the series of treatments can be repeated after a 4 to 6 week waiting period, once the full effects of the initial treatment have settled in.

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