Choose the Right Sunglasses for Summer

The summers are getting hotter and the sun is burning brighter. Whether you’re going on a tropical vacation or staying in your hometown, sunglasses are essential for the summer months.

These will protect your eyes and give you a stylish accessory that you can wear with any outfit! Here are some ways you can make sure you choose the right sunglasses for summer.

1. Shape

The shape of the sunglasses should go well with the shape of your face. For example, square face shapes go best with oval or round frames. Oval face shapes go well with just about any frames. Oblong face shapes go well with broad glasses and round face shapes go well with rectangular frames. The right frame shape can result in your face looking thinner so you can really look great with your glasses on!

There are also some really fun heart shapes available and even some glasses with frames that fold down. It’s really your choice with which shape you end up with. Just remember that fun styles don’t last forever, so you might not want to spend a lot of money on them if you’re on a budget.

2. What Color do you Want?

Bright colors are becoming more popular when it comes to summer sunglasses. Don’t be afraid to experiment with neons, brights and pastels if you want to have some fun. There are tons of great colors out there that you can mix and match with different outfits to create a fun look. You can also go with classic black or white if you want to stick with simple and easy to match.

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3. Budget

The budget you have for your glasses will determine which brands you can look at. If you want a high quality pair of Ray-Bans or Oakley glasses, your budget should be larger. If you don’t have that much money to spend, then stick with non name brand glasses from stores like Macys or Dillards.

4. UV Protection

The UV protection that is provided by the sunglasses you buy is extremely important. This is even truer if you plan on going outside in the sun quite often. When the glasses protect your eyes you won’t have to worry about the sun damaging your vision.

5. Durability

Are the glasses you like waterproof? Are they scratch proof? It’s important to know how durable the glasses are before you buy them. If you live in a household with kids and know they will be at risk, then you should get a pair of glasses that will resist scratches and dings.

6. Style

If you want to get glasses that are popular at the moment, then read through fashion magazines. This will help you find which styles are in fashion and which are last season.


– Try on the sunglasses before you buy them so you don’t end up with a pair that you don’t like.

– Don’t spend more than you can afford or else you won’t have anywhere to wear those glasses!

– Don’t buy glasses that won’t protect your eyes. These may provide you with shade, but they won’t keep your eyes from those damaging sun rays.

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