Combating Work Stress With Massage Therapy

Eight hours of sitting at a desk each day can leave office workers feeling tired, sore and tense. A relaxing massage could be just the ticket for muscle aches, computer eyestrain and tension headaches. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford the luxury of massage therapy — not until now. In place of traditional office chairs, many corporate supervisors and office managers are giving their desk workers ergonomic office chairs, and office massage clinics.

Ergonomic office chair massages are like temporary massage therapy for the office. Offering a massage in an office setting is a good way to boost employee morale and encourage wellness initiatives. For a more relaxing, and feel-good massage, a massage clinic is a great alternative for a busy schedule instead of going to a clinic after work. Whether the massage is performed at a clinic or in the office, it can improve productivity, reduce stress, increase concentration, reduce injury and promote healing.

Massage Therapy Benefits

The benefits of massage therapy are numerous and well-documented. Office workers who receive massage on a regular basis are more alert and focused on the task at hand. They also perform better and are less stressed than those who do not receive regular massage.

According to the Mayo Clinic Women’s Health Source, massage therapy reduces muscle soreness, pain and swelling. It improves blood circulation, joint movements, flexibility and range of motion. Massage can also reduce blood pressure and anxiety, improve breathing and posture, promote relaxation and encourage clearer thinking. It can even help with migraine headaches and chronic back pain.

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The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) cites back pain as a major health burden in the United States. In fact, it is a leading cause of job-related disability, missed days at work and visits to the doctor. Massage therapy is a popular treatment for work-related back pain; it can speed recovery time so that workers can return to the office quickly.

Ergonomic Massage Chairs

Office chair massage is an easy way to reap the benefits of massage therapy right at the work desk. Ergonomic massage chairs look like traditional office chairs, but they offer some temporary therapeutic features such as vibrating massage motors, multiple intensity settings, timer buttons and rechargeable batteries. They also have standard chair features such as leather or microfiber upholstery, lumbar support, padded arms and seat height adjustments.

Few things are more pleasurable for a desk worker than office chair massage. Corporate supervisors and office managers can find quality massage chairs at furniture stores and office supply stores or from reputable online retailers.

Office Chair Massages

While ergonomic massage chairs can be relaxing, nothing beats a real massage right in the office. Many companies offer services that will come to your home, or office and offer a massage clinic for an affordable price. This can be a great alternative to ergonomic massage chairs. It is a great way to bring people in the office together for a once-a-month massage clinic to help your employees relax and feel better about sitting at their desk for eight hours a day

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