Dental Fashions Then And Now

A white, healthy smile has been synonymous with good health, success and wealth for centuries and in the past the focus was on maintaining a healthy, natural looking smile. Before cosmetic dentistry became widely available, people used dental hygiene treatments and made healthy lifestyle choices to preserve the look of their smile.

Fixed braces

Fixed braces were very common, as there was little choice for orthodontic patients. Now, there are many different treatments available, from removable appliances to invisible braces, but in the past, patients only had a choice of fixed metal braces. The invisible braces Harley Street offer the bonus of being incognito braces. After gaining a bad reputation for their aesthetics, train-tracks enjoyed a brief revival after they were made ‘cool’ again by Channel 4’s Ugly Betty.

The Hollywood smileĀ 

The Hollywood smile is oneĀ of the most dominant trends of the last decade. The ultra-white, perfectly straight, glossy smile is a favourite with the Hollywood elite, as well as singers and reality television stars and as such, cosmetic dental procedures including tooth whitening and veneers, have become incredibly popular.

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Dental jewellery

Dental jewellery and ‘tooth bling’ have become popular in the USA, Asia and Europe. Dental gems and jewels are an easy, safe (when provided by a trained dentist) and affordable means of giving your smile a unique look and they are particularly common with young people. Rappers, such as Kanye West, have also made grills and diamond teeth very popular.

A ‘gappy’ smile

Recent high profile modelling campaigns, featuring models Georgia Jagger and Lara Stone, have made the diastema, a gap between the front teeth, attractive and fashionable. In fact, the trend has become so popular than dentists around the world have seen an increase in the number of patients asking for gaps to be created between their front teeth and TV series, America’s Next Top Model, actively encouraged girls to visit their dentist to have the gap between their teeth made bigger to make them more marketable.

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