Developing Abaya Styles For All Occasions

The development of Muslim fashion over the past few decades has been incredible. Abayas were once simplistic and their only purpose was to cover Muslim women from being seen or abused by hiding their natural beauty.

The Muslim fashion revolution has changed Abayas from being simplistic covers to traditional fashion for almost any occasion.

Everyday Abayas

Even everyday Abayas are being designed to convene the latest fashion trends. The styles that are available for everyday wear are specially designed to meet different needs of Muslim women. Everyday Abayas come in a variety of different necklines from button up, polo, and even simple neck cuts.

The variety of fabric can offer simple thin fabric that can be worn to keep cool on vacation to heavier fabrics for more casual events. The difference in styles is what really makes the everyday Abaya stand out. Everyday Abayas are available in different colors that range from classic white to stunning blues and browns.

Pattern designs are also available for the Muslim women who want to add a little flare into their life. Abayas may also use buttons and cuffs to add an additional flare to the everyday Abaya look.

Classic Looks

Some women may want to embrace their Muslim tradition with a classic black Abaya. Black is a very traditional color that can be worn almost anywhere.

These classic black Abayas still come in a variety of different styles that give women the perfect selection choices.

Black Abayas come available with a light highlight of color. This could be a simple neckline accent or even a line of white through the midsection of the dress. These color highlights add a splash of fashion to traditional blacks. You could also purchase traditional black Abayas with a variety of different necklines from plunge cut lines, polo, and zipper up styles.

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Abayas For The Working Woman

Muslim women are breaking into the work world while looking fabulous in work style Abayas. These Abayas are appropriate for any work situation and come in a variety of professional colors such as tans, black, blues, and grays. These Abayas go beyond plain colors and are mostly accented using waves and buttons.

Many of these beautiful work attire Abayas can be beautifully complimented with a beautiful scarf to add a touch of fashion to proper work attire.

Adding Some Flare For Special Occasions

If there is a special occasion coming up, you may want to purchase an Abaya that offers some flare. Solid colors are beautiful, yet some may find them boring to wear to special occasions. Abayas are available in a variety of different designs that really make the natural Abaya design pop such as beadwork, marigolds, and sleeve print designs.

The classic designs add a splash of color and light to Abayas making a stunning look for almost any occasion on your calendar.

These beautifully style Abayas give new definition to keeping tradition. These simple yet beautiful looks allow you to keep Muslim tradition while looking fantastic in the process.

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