Differentiate High Quality Silver Water from Inferior Products

Though the benefits of colloidal silver water are known to everyone, people may not be very much aware as to why high PPM silver water is more effective and is better. The fact of the matter is that an atomic silver particle may contain less silver but, there is an even distribution of finer silver in the water molecules. Further, the Trace Minerals that are available in these atom particles may not affect either the kidneys or the liver because they may not get lodged into these vital organs of the body.

Another benefit is that in the manufacturing process of these atom particles, chemicals are not used. Therefore, people can use this silver water without any fear or apprehensions about its side effects or risks. In short, the risks of poisoning that are associated with chemical silver water are completely removed in these atom-size particles because chances of chemical accumulation or toxicity are absolutely not there in them.

Marketing Gimmicks of Manufacturers of Inferior Products

It is true that there are many manufacturers who want to sustain in the market despite the fact that their products are inferior. Though they cannot compete with high-quality atom-size colloidal silver water, they adopt various marketing techniques to take people for a ride. But, unlike the inferior products they offer, high-quality atom-size silver water may not get deposited in the vital organs of liver and kidneys and so, those who use this high-quality product need not fear that they may be affected by Argyria. Further, this product will be clear like water since its atom-size particles cannot be seen at all. They cannot be measured also by the traditional standards with which nanoparticles are measured.

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Manufacturers of inferior colloidal silver water indulge in negative marketing also by accusing that high PPM products are overkill. They also do clever calculations by making additions that involve milligrams or micrograms of silver. They want to somehow prove that their products are not inferior but, people can search on the Internet and find out how accurate calculations should be made to differentiate between nanoparticles and atom-size particles.

Why Importance to Size of the Particles

People may wonder why so much importance is given to the size of the particles. The fact is that atom-size colloidal silver water can be more effective because of the size of the particles. On the other hand, nanoparticles cannot penetrate the viruses or bacteria and so, cannot deliver the desired results. The main benefit is that chemicals are not used in the process of manufacturing atom-size silver water and hence, they will not adversely affect the health of people.

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