Do You Have What It Takes To Lead a Fitness Group?

If you’ve ever attended a spin class, Yoga workshop, or other group lesson at your local gym or fitness center, you already know how intense some of those instructors can get. Undoubtedly, you also know that some instructors are just plain boring.

Have you ever considered taking your experience as a member of those classes and becoming an instructor in your own right? It’s not difficult, and in fact, it can become one of the more rewarding endeavors you ever undertake.

But first, let’s see if you have what it takes to lead a group exercise class. Here are some major traits you need to ensure that your class members want to come back again and again.


Knowing when to quit, knowing when to up the ante a fitness instructor should be able to read people. When you’re in charge of a couple dozen bikers all spinning at one time, it’s easy to look out and see a full group instead of individual faces. But sometimes it’s those individual faces that need the most attention.

By being dialed into your class, you’ll be able to tell who’s within their normal pain threshold and who is having serious problems. You’d be surprised at how far some people will go to please their instructor, so make sure you know when to quit.


On the flip side of that, you also need to be able to inspire people to go beyond their comfort zone. Sometimes you’ll need to yell and be intense, sometimes you’ll need to be quiet and challenge your class with actions instead of words.

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If it sounds difficult, that’s because you don’t have a group fitness certification yet. When you learn the psychology behind exercise, you’ll understand how people respond to certain types of stimuli in such a way that results in a successful cardio class.


Perhaps more important than both awareness and inspiration is knowledge. Once you have a group exercise certification, you’ll know more about physical fitness than the average person, and that alone could qualify you to teach others in a fitness class.

Imagine if your spin instructor knew as much as you do about riding a bike. Would you take that class? Probably not. Learn as much as you can and your class will be happy to listen to advice you have to give.

And of Course, Fitness

Finally, the keystone to a successful fitness class is the fitness of the instructor herself. Nobody wants to follow someone who’s obviously unhealthy and overweight, so don’t be that person. Keep yourself fit and healthy and people will naturally follow your lead.

And that’s it. Being a fitness instructor can be a wholly rewarding experience, whether as a first career or a supplemental source of income. So, have you got what it takes?

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