Dolls Of The World: An International Doll Collection

The best kinds of doll collections are the ones that educate collectors as well as look beautiful. Doll collectors love their hobby because every doll has its own story.

To some people they may be beautiful dolls that serve no purpose, but any collector knows this is not true. Some dolls give the owner the option to create their own story, but many tell a story of their own, some even educate about different cultures. One of the most popular doll collections are international dolls from around the world.

International Dolls Tell Their Own Story

Collecting international dolls from around the world doesn’t necessarily mean you buy a doll from every country. International dolls from different countries are any doll that tells the story of specific culture and history.

There are dolls made to represent every country, obviously this blog is not long enough to cover them all, here are a few examples to show you the beauty and gain of collecting dolls from around the world.

Dolls Of African Culture

Doll makers have created a variety of dolls that are based on African culture. Dolls are design to depict this culture through their facial features and color.

However, the collection of African dolls also gives you a glimpse into culture through the different clothing styles that represent Africa. Every doll represents a different location in Africa through styles such as Moroccan head veils, Ghanaian tunic dresses, and Kenyan shukas.

Dolls Of Asian Culture

Asian dolls teach collectors about the different cultures that are spread throughout Asia. These dolls include information on Asian cultures that represent Asian festivities such as the Pahiyas Festival in the Philippines, unique Japanese kimono styles, and the religious traits of India.

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Dolls Of European Culture

Any doll line that represents Europe is bound to explode with information about different cultures. Europe is the one continent that homes a wide diversity of countries. These dolls may represent famous European women or just the European style full of berets, wooden shoes, and hairstyles.

Dolls Of South American Culture

South America is the epitome of culture full of different looks, festivals, and styles. Dolls of South American culture alone can create a collection of more than 20 dolls.

These dolls will offer a variety of different skin and hair colors all styled specifically to the different countries located in South America. Their clothing styles will represent the dance culture that has blossomed in South American throughout the decades.

A Complete Around The World Collection

Just by collecting dolls from around the world that represent different cultures, you can create an extensive collection based on different cultures that educate you in creating different back stories for your dolls. Creating a collection of dolls from around the world may inspire you to educate yourself on the different cultures around the world.

These dolls are uniquely crafted and designed to specifically represent the many countries that make our world so diverse. Some dolls may even come with accessories giving you more of a glimpse into their countries culture.

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