Fancy Trying Your Hand at Freeganism?

Freeganism is a new trend that is taking over the world by storm.  Freeganists, essentially, live off the grid.  They have no money or job and they spend no money either.  Yet, they still manage to survive.  Let’s take a look at how they manage to do this.


Many freeganists are squatters.  They will live in unoccupied properties for as long as they can.  This has recently been made a bit more difficult due to the new laws governing squatting of domestic properties.  However, it is not illegal to squat a commercial property yet and many freeganists are now living in them.  However, a large proportion of freeganists live in caravans on roadsides or other people’s land (only with permission, by the way).  They will find free caravans on websites such as Freecycle and will work for a farmer in return for the right to stay on their land.


Freeganists usually take food out of bins.  This doesn’t mean you have to start protecting your green bin at home.  The majority of freeganists will go to the bins of large supermarkets and grab the food that has been thrown away.  The amount of food that is in perfect condition wrapped and all that is thrown away by our supermarkets is unreal.  In fact, a recent news report stated that as much as 25% of the food in our supermarkets gets binned.  Unfortunately for freeganists, supermarkets want to keep check on their rubbish, as they sell it on to companies who turn it into fertiliser.  Hence, they are now locking their bins behind gates and fences, keeping the freeganists out.  Not just that, taking food from bins food that has been thrown away is now illegal.

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Freeganists rely largely on the kindness of others for their clothing.  However, they will also do the odd job here or there to earn a little bit of money, such as walking a dog, helping the elderly cross roads, clearing driveways and so on.  They use this money to buy clothing or, alternatively, to buy fabrics to make their own clothing.

A freeganistic society, for many, is a utopic society.  It is a world free from constraints of money, taxes and other issues.  Freeganists never ask for any type of benefit, for themselves or their children.  They survive on the kindness and silliness of others alone.  The government is doing all they can to put a stop to this, because these people live off the grid, which is something they don’t like.  After all, they want to keep close tabs on where everybody is and where they are going, where their money is coming from and how it is being spent.  Freeganists, however, try to do without all of this.  They should not, however, be confused with travellers or gypsies.  The vast majority of freeganists stay stagnant in one single area and do not associate with the culture of gypsies.  They are making a social and political stand, rather than introducing a culture.

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