Five Things That You Should Avoid On A Night Out

Embarking on a night out on the town is intended to be a time to let your hair down, forget the stresses of the 9 to 5 day job and catch up with friends.

However, not every night out can go exactly how you planned it and, more often than not, it is the inconsiderate actions of an individual that can bring down the mood of the rest of the group. And that’s not much fun, is it?

But what exactly are these socialising faux pas that can destroy the atmosphere of a collective occasion? Who knows even you could be contributing to the night’s downfall without consciously recognising it.

Without further ado, here are five things that you should avoid on a night out with friends.

Becoming obsessed with your mobile

A common mishap for many is to become engrossed in fiddling with their mobile phone – ignoring the company around them on a night out. Positioned with a bowed head and fixed on their small mobile screen, this particular practice can often be contagious, spreading from one person to the rest of the group making for a pretty unspectacular social gathering.

Drinking too much

While it’s impossible to expect anyone to refrain from drinking on a night out (and it would be mad to advise as such), it’s always important to acknowledge your limits and stick to them even if you feel pressured to exceed them. You should always set out to start the night in one piece and finish it in one piece without being carried off early in a taxi or emptying the insides of your stomach down a toilet all of which is perfectly avoidable as long as you drink sensibly.

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Falling over

As one of the regrettable outcomes of the previous point of this article, falling over can lead to unnecessary injuries, ripped clothes and, not to mention, just damn right embarrassment. How’s best to avoid falling over? Wear suitable footwear that is less likely to be susceptible to tripping or falling when you’re a little bit tipsy. Oh, and don’t drink too much (we already mentioned that one, right?).

Taking and uploading photos

Thanks to the wonders of modern day technology, taking pictures of friends with smartphones and sharing them directly to social network platforms has never been so straight forward. The trouble is, those people may not be best pleased if compromising or unflattering photos of them surface on the web. If you want to share a photo of friends then make sure to get their permission before you upload it! Plus, nobody likes a camera consistently being shoved in front of them, so be considerate.

Spilling your drink over somebody

For some reason, drinking can cause many people to become rather more clumsy than usual and that usually means spilling drinks. This one has a few major flaws. One, you lose your drink and you’ll have to pay for another one. Two, if you spill it over someone then you’ll more than likely ruin their attire and their mood to boot. And third, you’ll look like a bit of an idiot for being so careless.

How do you enjoy your night out?

The number one rule is to try and have fun. Yes, be sensible, but remember that you’re there to have fun. Relax, engage with friends, drink within your limits and smile!

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