Four Amazing Artificial Christmas Trees

It’s only May but plenty of us are already looking forward to celebrating “Christmas in July”. The Christmas tree is the most iconic fixture of the festive season and there have been instances of some of the most amazing, huge and unique artificial Christmas trees inspiring children and adults alike. In this interesting and informative article, we take a look at some of the most unique, creative and inspiring Christmas trees from around the world.

The Love of LEGO

This has to be one of the most unique and creative ideas among the many for Christmas trees around the world. A huge, real life Christmas tree made entirely out of LEGO. Situated in a busy area in the St Pancras International airport, this massive LEGO Christmas tree stands.

The UK’s only LEGO Certified Professional; Duncan Titmarsh created the amazing tree and did the honour of placing the star on top of the 12.2 meter high LEGO creation. Among the many unique Christmas trees from around the world, this tree consists of a whopping 600,000 LEGO bricks, has 172 branches and 1200 light baubles.

Star of the Show

We all know that artificial Christmas trees can be on the tad expensive side as Christmas approaches, but this unique tree takes the cake. A jeweller in Japan unveiled a 150 million yen (£1.24 million) Christmas tree which will be on display till Christmas day in their main shop. The 2.4 meter tree is decorated with heart-shaped and orchid-shaped ornaments and topped with a star made out of pure gold. Among the many unique Christmas trees on sale, this one will set you back a pretty penny.

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The Floating Fir

In true extravagant, Brazilian flair, this has to be one of the most unique Christmas trees in the world. Rio de Janeiro’s Christmas tree is the largest floating Christmas tree placed on the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon. It stands an amazing 230 feet tall, weighs 542 tons and uses 3000 bulbs. The switching on of the floating Christmas tree was a spectacle of amazing fireworks and flickering bulbs which changed colours to the changing of the seasons.

Big and Beautiful

One of the world’s largest and most unique Christmas trees in located in a rather small village in Italy. This amazing Christmas tree stands at a whopping 2,600 feet tall and ideas of its origin stem from 1981 when villagers wanted to make the tallest Christmas tree in the world. This incredible tree is definitely one of the most unique Christmas trees in the world.

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