Game Ideas For Bachelorette Party in Limousine

Renting a limousine for a bachelorette party is a common trend. Be it a small group of friends or a large party, you can arrange it inside the limousine. The best part about hosting a bachelorette party in limousine is the luxurious ambience which you get. You can hire a limousine at affordable rates.

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If you are planning to organize a bachelorette party in a limousine. Here are few game ideas for you. Read them and choose your favourite.

Guess what?

Arrange for a big bag. Include unusual and uncommon items in the bag. Now pass the bag to each girl. Each girl has to identify any one item in the bag without opening her eyes. They just need to put their hand inside the bag and guess the item by just touching and feeling it. Do not include items of the same type. This will make it easy for the ladies to guess the items. You can be as varied as a cosmetic to a stationery item.

Whats in the purse?

Anyone of you can take the initiative of hosting this game. Prepare a list items that can be found in a woman’s purse. Call each item one by one. As you call the item’s name, all the girls will search in their purses for the item. If they have that particular item, then they get a point for it.
Note: give 1 point for common items like  hairbrush, lipstick and mirror
Give 2 points for uncommon items like paper clip, sewing kit and toy

You can also give points for the girl who has the biggest purse or maybe the smallest purse.
The girl who earns the maximum points will win the game.

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I have or I have never

This is the most interesting and fun game that you and your friends can play. The would-be-bride will simply love to participate in this game. All the girls one by one will say something that they have never done or done. Remember these things needs to be interesting and hilarious. For instance,  I have never danced in the rain or maybe I have never been to a blind date. Similarly, I have  eaten an insect or I have lied to my partner.

You can continue playing the game as long as your friend group wants to.
Tip: make sure that there are drinks and snacks to have with the game. Good food will make the game more exciting. when you feel tired  you can stay in rental houses or cottages for some time for relaxation like South Lake Tahoe vacation rentals houses .

Truth or dare

Truth or dare is perhaps the most common adult game played everywhere. All of you can take turns asking one another the choice between truth and dare. If the player chooses truth then she needs to answer a question honestly. Or else, the player has to take up a challenge or any silly stunt. Choosing both truth or dare has their own fun element. While truth questions are often about those things people do not want to comment upon, dares are more silly and outgoing stunt. For instance, shouting in the middle of the road.

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