Get More People Into Your Store With Better Display Items

A high Street shop needs to look its best to entice customers inside. This includes the shopfront and all areas of the interior. If your shop is not enticing to customers, they may prefer to go elsewhere. We will try and highlights ways in which you can increase the footfall in your shop and create a better shopping experience for your visitors.

Clothes mannequins
Clothes mannequins have been around for a long time as they are a great way to hang your clothes and shall customers what they potentially could look like on themselves. There are many things you can do with your clothes mannequins to make them more appealing.

Try using a variety of poses for different types of clothes within your shop. Type of clothing that you display will usually dictate the stands of your mannequin.

If you are selling clothes for both sexes and children, you may want to put a male-female and child mannequin in the shop window to show more family look. Business clothing needs to be shown in a smart way, suppose your mannequins accordingly.

You could try dressing mannequin with a shirt jacket and a few accessories to make the most of the mannequin. Shoes are also important as people can visualise what they will like with a complete outfit.

Even if you run an online shop, you can still use mannequins for your example images. Apply the same principles as you would in-store and close the mannequins accordingly.

General display accessories
There are many different ways you can display your goods with a shop, but there are a few items that you possibly couldn’t live without. These include display cabinets, clothes rails, hangers and display shelves.

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If you are needing ideas about a display your items the best, spend a day looking round top high-street brand stores to see how they display their goods. Start with the front of the shop and note down all the aspects that grab your attention. Detail the colours, clothing types and how items are arranged. Don’t be afraid to copy what works.

Always remember to put your shop name brand on as many of your display items as possible. It may only be a small consideration, but this is making sure that customers are reminded of your brand constantly. Offers can be displayed around other shop display items, so a new display is a good excuse to show off your latest offers.

The idea of any shopfront display is to grab people’s attention as they pass by. Without going outlandish, you can make your shop displays a little quirky if you think they will grab people’s attention. Have a mannequin holding a banner for your latest offer, or even leaning on a display showing an offer. You will have to be tasteful with how this is done, as it is easy to go to far with this train of thought. Keep it simple, but make it attention grabbing.

There are huge variety of ways of how you can best display your goods within the shop or store. There are many theories as to what people want to see as they enter a store, so make sure you thoroughly researched the best way to display your goods and used tried and tested display items to make sure all your goods are shown off the best they can be.

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