Getting Educated In All Things American

An article discussing what it is like to actually go to America and how it lives up to expectations.

The United States of America is one of those places that can mean different things to different people. For those of us who live in Europe, we may have been brought up in popular American culture and are familiar with the movies and TV shows exported over here. However, there is more to this country than its many stereotypes and it is actually a destination worth visiting, if you are up to the flight.

For kids, America can seem almost magical in nature. Home to Disney and all the things they know and love, it is no wonder that, despite the current economic woes, Florida and the Walt Disney World Resort in particular, still remains popular for families with young children.

In a country as big as America, there are obviously going to be different experiences to be had, depending on whereabouts you go. While Florida is a state that is used to tourists, there are some other places maybe lesser explored that offer something more in the way of history and art.

Of course, there are plenty who will point to the fact that as the USA doesn’t have such a long and distinguished history as some other nations we may care to add, this shouldn’t detract from the truth that in its short existence, there is certainly lots for people to consider.

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From the country’s darker past with regards to slavery and racism, to its role as a superpower and global policeman, from the Cold War to the present day, and its large mix of cultures; there is a lot to learn about this proud nation.

Whether you visit the USA with your family, friends or on a school trip, it is worth taking in as much of the historical significance of the city or state you are in as possible. Places like New York, Washington, Chicago and Boston have a rich past, which is definitely worth exploring.

There is still always time to get lost in the magic of a place, with American icons and landmarks being as true in life as they are on the big screen, so this is a country that does not disappoint in this regard.

If you do venture to the USA, you will learn for yourself about how much a diverse country it is, while getting to meet people who are patriotic about their nation as well as those who are determined to ensure America doesn’t get stuck in its ways as we continue through the twenty-first century.

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