Handy Fashion Tips For Making The Indian Summer Comfortable

Looking to flaunt your stylish side, during the warm Indian summer? In the following article, we tell you how you can do so, with the minimum of fuss.

That time of the year is back again. The temperature levels are rising everyday, and a typically scorching Indian summer is in the horizon. You need to be aware of just the right seasonal fashion tips, to beat the heat and stay stylish, confortable and chic. Wish to know more? Read through the following summer fashion guidelines:

  • Think skirts
    It’s summer, and it’s time you said farewell to those heavy, full-length trousers. If you are buying dresses online, check out the grand collection of skirts that are available on practically all fashion shopping websites. Choose the ones with floral patterns and designs, to sport a bright, lively appearance. Keep the hemline below the knee-level. You can also buy a couple of white, bordered skirts, which you can team up with tops of different colors.

  • Go stylish with designer tops
    Bring a touch of glamour and sophistication to this Indian summer, by donning colorful cotton tops. Make sure that the fittings are right, so that you do justice to your curves. You have the option of selecting either single, solid-colored tops, or choosing the striped ones. Wear matching fashion jewellery with them, and look decidedly charming!

  • Have a few kurtis in your wardrobe
    Soak in the true Indian flavor this summer, by wearing embroidered kurtis. Irrespective of whether you have an hourglass figure or not (and many of us don’t, so it’s hardly a matter of concern!), the polka-dotted kurtis will always make you look ethereal. Layered and pleated kurtis are also ideal as casual as well as semi-formal summer wear.

  • How about a few capris? – While buying dresses online to revamp your wardrobe this summer, purchasing a few capri pants would be a nice idea. Go with the conventional three-quarter length capris, or choose the ones that are slightly shorter. If the tight-fitted capris do not quite appeal to you, select the slightly loose-fitted ones, with interesting cuts and pockets. Capris made of cotton and linen fabrics, in particular, enjoy widespread popularity.

  • Don’t forget the sunscreen
    You might have already bought the right dresses and trendy fashion jewelry for the upcoming sunny season, but are you geared to take good care of your skin too? Stay protected from the harsh sunrays, by putting on a good-quality sunscreen lotion on your face and arms
    everytime before you step out of the house. Carry an umbrella of a color that matches your dress too. People will stop to admire your fashion sense
    and you will stay comfortable as well!

  • Put on trendy glares
    Choose branded sunglasses, which would offer complete protection to your eyes
    and take up your overall style quotient by several notches as well. Make sure that the size and shape of the glares are in keeping with the shape of your face. If you already have glasses, consider replacing them with contact lenses, and then put on the fashionable shades.

  • Choose comfortable and stylish footwear
    Covered shoes are probably not quite ideal for wearing in the summer. Instead, walk around in casual, colored sandals, slides and flip-flops. Have a couple of pairs of pencil heels too, for attending those happening summer evening parties!

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Stylish cotton salwars, with sequined or embroidered borders also serve as classy and ethnic summer dresses for women. If you are going for an enjoyable beach weekend with your family, carry along a few teeny-weeny shorts, and floppy hats with large rims. The Indian summer is not the most pleasant season ever
but that should not stop you from looking as fetching and attractive as ever!

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