Healthy Snacks: Healthy Evening Snacks to Make Your Mood

Most of us don’t like to eat when we are not in a happy or regular mode. Avoid eating is an old, peaceful method to protest the occurrences at home or outside but here we bring some mouthwatering foods list for you which are more than enough to make your mood. Even in the severe condition of stress or depression. Doctors recommend the patients to have healthy and nutritious food at short and frequent intervals.

Green pasta

Green pasta is the home cooked recipe and remedy to overcome the depression or miserable mood. This is very easy to cook as all the ingredients you can find at home.

  • First pour olive oil in the pan as stressful persons should not have high calorie oil.
  • Add  onion and tomato slices, cook on the low flame.
  • Add chopped vegetables like cauliflower, Beetroot as these are very nutritious vegetables and have the qualities to soothe the tired nerves of a person in a bad mood. Pour water and let the vegetables cook for five to seven minutes. Nutritionists suggest low flame cooking as high flame cooking can harm the nutritional value of food.
  • Add half liter toned milk and stir slowly.
  • At last add pasta and cover the pan with lid and keep it on flame for five minutes.

Now your healthy snack, low in calorie food rich in vitamins and other nutrients is ready to serve.

Soya Cheese roll

Cheese has been the favorite food of many from childhood days. Cheese can work a lot when you feel low after the hectic office hours. Cheese is a milk product so it’s very rich in calcium and with other nutritional properties. This  is a very recommendable diet for expecting moms as they need huge stock of calcium and this can also make their mood when they find difficult to accept odd changes in their bodies.

  • Take a small and soft dough and expand it very thin with rolling pin. Avoid the consumption of wheat flour as this is difficult to digest and increases the active reactions in the brain instead of trying to make peace in the body.
  • Take cottage cheese , tofu can be a better option too as its made out of soya milk. Soya is a very rich source of protein. You can yourself increase the taste and nutritions of cheese by adding finely chopped spinach and other similar healthy options.
  • Add smaller pieces of cheese, soya beans,onion,garlic,carrots and your other favorite vegetables, homemade tomato and chilly taste according to the taste. Tomato sauces available should be consumed in a limit. Sauce companies use various chemicals for preserving which can be harmful too. The artificial colors and fragrances can cause harm to our body in a long term.
  • Add homemade mayonnaise instead of purchased from the market as you remain unknown about the ingredients used in the preparation and hygiene precautions.
  • Now bake it in the oven for two to three minutes.
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Your healthy and yummy cheese roll snack is ready to serve and eat.

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