Home Renovations to Increase Child Comfort and Safety

The lives of an adult change the second a child is born, and it’s no secret. Having children is one of the most special experiences that humans go through in life. Changes in livelihood, relationships and future planning are a result of a new boy or girl becoming part of the family.

One specific change that occurs when parents are expecting or have a newborn involves the home. The physical property that people live within needs to be altered to ensure a safe and comfortable upbringing for a child. This article is meant to explain this issue. Below I list particular areas of a property that you as a parent can renovate and improve with the goal of making your child’s upbringing safe and successful.


One way to renovate your house with child safety in mind is to carpet any stairs that are covered with any other material. Many houses have hardwood stairs and these can be hazardous to say the least. Making a change can lead to less slippage, and there is really no major downfall of having carpeted stairways. Regular cleaning will keep them in good shape, like anything else.

Child wellbeing: Children fall down frequently. Falling down a large staircase can be catastrophic. Carpeting stairways is a good start to remedy this parental fear. Additionally, gates at the top and bottom of stairways when your child is young and curious can’t hurt.


Windows are dangerous. If you have a newborn or are expecting, you should consider putting bars or some type of guard on all windows that your child could potentially come in contact with. The little ones like to wander and will try to climb anything and everything.

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Child wellbeing: A small child falling from a window has little chance of survival, and this is enough of a reason to safe proof the windows of your house.


Electrical currents can severely harm an adult, and can do even more damage to a young child. At the very least, have child proof covers on all electrical outlets, particularly the ones at ground level. You can ignore ones that are obviously out of reach, like the one behind your toaster, but make sure to get the ones that allow any child access. This simple renovation comes at a small cost and is worth every penny.

Child wellbeing: Children like to poke things and put random objects in random places. You don’t want one of your outlets to be involved.


As your child grows, the yard will become their stomping ground. Regardless of the type and size of your yard, consider the renovation of building a fence. Public roadways, and the public in general, are dangerous when children are concerned. It’s best to keep them contained as much as possible, and this is one way to do it.

Child wellbeing: Your yard should be the territory of your child. However, it’s a good idea to put a physical perimeter around it. With cars and strangers passing by it will give you peace of mind as a parent.

Safe proofing a house for child comfort and safety can help you sustain a successful parenting campaign. Use your judgment while assessing your situation and determine what changes can be made around your property. These are some ideas to help.

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