Houston Giving More To Their Seniors

It is not very often that the media runs a story about the government doing good. It is usually when someone elderly is hurt by negligence or denied services that the media jumps on board. However, I recently found that one city in the United States is living up to the respect owed to their elders and are doing everything that they can to pay them back.

Sheltering Arms:

Sheltering Arms Senior Services is a nonprofit organization with a stated mission to be committed to the health and well-being of older adults and their family caregivers. They server more than 68,000 seniors on an annual basis and provide services such as utility assistance and home care. Their home care services including light housekeeping, meal preparation, medication reminders, and personal care assistance (bathing and grooming).

Sheltering Arms has been a blessing to the community, said Houston resident Tom Mitchell. They have their heart in the right place and seem to care more for the community than any organization I have known. Mitchell makes a good point about their ethos. In 2011, they entered into partnership with Neighborhood Centers Inc., another nonprofit organization, in order to provide more services to Houston residents.

LMC Medical Transportation:

Founded in 2005, LMC Medical Transportation provides transportation for the disabled, elderly and economically challenged patients. They not only serve the Houston area, but also the Dallas-Fort Worth, San Antonio and Beaumont areas. Transportation for those who need it is a necessity, says Tracey Beasley, owner of LMC Medical Transportation. People should not miss medical appointments just like they shouldn’t miss a meal. Without basic transportation, people could miss an appointment that could save their life.

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LMC Medical Transportation has received high praise from clientele as well as medical centers. In addition to providing transportation, they also train health care facilities in the public and private sectors on medical transportation. A win-win for patience and the medical facilities who see them.

Seniors Helping Seniors:

That’s right, I said Seniors Helping Seniors, and the name explains it all. The basic concept of the program is to match seniors who want to help with seniors who need help. When it comes down it, there is a benefit to both the giver and recipient. Seniors who are looking for company and something to do are able to help other seniors who are looking for company and help with their needs. Although they have programs nationally, the greater Houston area has been benefiting from the program for years.

Happiness is as big a part of life as health, says Missouri City, Texas resident Thomas Sturgill. What they do is great. Happiness is as much needed as food and sleep. What their program does is fill the happiness void while other organizations are busy filling the others. Sturgill summed up the program with his statements. There are many organizations that focus on the medical aspect of life, but very few concentrate on the mental health (happiness) of seniors.

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