How Is A Pool Party For Teenagers Different?

Hosting a pool party for teenagers is slightly different to others and these are the main reasons why.

If you are in the extremely enviable position of having a swimming pool of your own then it is a great shame if you do not use it to its full potential. Whenever the weather is agreeable you should take it as the ideal opportunity to get out there in the pool, whether you are looking for an exercise workout or an extreme amount of relaxation. The calm summer breeze and sun coming out should be the cue you need to organise a pool party and if you have teenage children then you may consider letting them have one of their own. A pool party is something that can be enjoyed to the full regardless of the occasion but it is perfect for marking a birthday for example. If you are organising one of these parties for a group of teenagers then there are some details to keep in mind as it is not quite the same as a pool party for children or adults.

Take more of a back seat

Although children’s parties are very much organised to the last detail by the adults this should not really be the case when it comes to teenagers. In the case of a pool party you should make a certain amount of arrangements and put some guidelines in place but generally you should take it as an opportunity to hand them some responsibility. Although not all teenagers are the same it is seemingly a shared characteristic for them not to want their parents hanging around too much when their friends are there. As this is the case you do not need to worry about taking a hugely active role in what they get up to.

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Set a time

As the pool party will be taking place on your property you are certainly within your rights to decide what time you want it to start and end. You do not have to insist on the party being over at a certain time as everyone can easily go inside but it is useful to know when everything will be cleared away. A condition you can include in letting them have the party is that they will put away everything and make sure that the space is tidy when they have finished outside.

Food and drink

If the teenagers who will be at the party are over 18 then there is no problem in allowing alcohol, but you should keep careful control over this because of the possible dangers of being around water after drinking. You may also want to consider preparing some food for everyone.

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