How To Choose An Online Flowers Delivery Business

Buying flowers online is slowly becoming a major trend in the industry. Even though it does not allow the customer to get the exact feel of what he is going to buy, it helps to simplify the process and saves a lot of time for the busy entrepreneur or for the lover that is planning a major date for his girlfriend. It is not easy to choose a proper florist when you have to rely on an online interface: however, there are a few tricks to guide you on the right track.

Knowing the different alternatives

The florist you are going to deal with is not always an independent store. Sometimes, florists work in networks: the main office can order in bulk for its different franchises and its local offices will be in charge of delivering the final product to the customer. Independent stores, on the other hand, operate alone and serve a specific area.

Big florists’ networks

Here, we are talking about international companies that have branches in many different countries. Interflora, for example, has 5 200 partners only in France! It can guarantee faster delivery speeds and has very standardized procedures. The delivery will usually take place using a fleet of trucks. However, there is one main issue with these giants: a few bad surprises can occur. Local branches of big networks will display certain bouquets on their websites, but since they depend on their provider, the product you will pay for in the end might not be what you expected. Since this is a delivery model, you will not know the mistake until your girlfriend (or mother, or secretary) receives the gift. The other added problem might be the commission that takes the local florist to sell other companies’ flowers. In the end, it should be pricier than buying them in person.

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Independent stores

With these professionals, the flowers’ bouquets are crafted directly in the boutique. This means that if a certain picture is displayed on the company’s website, the florist should normally be able to reproduce the same results! There is often a better level of personalization when you opt for a local alternative. For example, you could add special gifts to the bouquet or add personalized messages.

The delivery is what might be less reliable when you decide to deal with smaller stores. Sometimes, the shipping can take up to 24 hours. Smaller companies will not be able to deliver the product using a truck and will rather use mailing systems, which is more likely to hurt the product.

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