How To Choose Charms For Bracelets

There is a huge wealth of choice available when it comes to shopping for charms for bracelets.  Charm bracelets have been popular for a very long time now and that means that most jewellers will have a healthy amount of stock in their shops or online and plenty of designs and styles to choose from.  The difficult part is narrowing down those options and actually choosing the right charm.

If you are buying a charm as a gift, remember to double check what type of bracelet it will need to fit.  There are charm bracelets that fit bead charms and traditional bracelets to which charms on loops can be affixed.  If you are choosing the latter, think about arranging to have the charm soldered onto the bracelet as part of the gift to ensure that it does not come loose over time and become lost.

Whether you are buying for someone else or for yourself, think about what you want the charm to ‘say’.  Do you want it to reflect part of your (or your friend’s) personality or interests?  Or are you just looking for a little bit of colour and a nice design to brighten or fill up the bracelet?  Is there a special occasion you want to mark, such as a birth, marriage or graduation?  Links of London has some lovely designs that will fit the bill no matter what message you want to give with your charm.

Their four-leaf clover charm is always very popular as a gift, to wish the wearer luck. That, of course, is the origin of the charm bracelet, to allow the wearer to carry around charms to bring them luck or good health.

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You can choose from traditional silver or gold charms, or opt for a splash of bright bold colour created by enamel, metal or gem stones.  Buy a charm as a souvenir of a special trip: perhaps you were lucky enough to get tickets to Wimbledon; you could buy a strawberry charm or tennis racket charm to remember the occasion by.

The important thing about buying charms for bracelets is to try to tell a story.  Have a reason for buying each individual charm, even if it’s just that you really love the colour purple or have a pet cat.  Each time you buy a charm that has a special meaning for you, you add to the story of your life.

Then you can either use the bracelet as a sort of moveable scrapbook for you to pore over now and again when you are feeling sentimental or just as a conversation starter.  If you have children, they may want to know what you were like before you became a mum: showing them your bracelet and talking about all the memories it evokes could be a really nice bonding experience.

So choose your charms carefully and enjoy shopping for timeless keepsakes that you will treasure for years to come. Remember these charms will last for the forever  so choose wisely!

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