How To Get Your Wedding Flowers On A Budget

So you want beautiful flowers for your wedding but are on a tight budget? Don’t worry, lots of couples are. The good news is there are some great ideas to help you save some cash when it comes to flowers on your big day. You may not get exactly what you had envisioned but you can still have beautiful flowers without breaking the bank. Check out the ideas below, one may just work for you!

Select In-Season Flowers: Choosing flowers that are in-season can save you a ton of money. Many couples don’t realize this. This is because in-season flowers are abundant and florists want to sell them. Hence, a cheaper price. For example, sunflowers are lovely, but they are late spring/summer flower. If by some odd chance you are able to find them during their off-season, the price could be as much as five times the cost as opposed to when they are in season.

Reuse the flowers in your wedding: A great idea is to reuse the flowers by moving them to different segments of the big day. For example, transfer the flowers that were set up at the ceremony over to the reception venue. Double duty flowers are just as lovely and your guest won’t notice a thing. ┬áSimply have a few people in charge of grabbing the flowers and placing them in the reception area before the guests arrive.

Go Green: Who says you actually need flowers to get the floral look you are going for? Greenery is an awesome money-saver and will look elegant and chic as your decor. Also, since the price is so low for greenery, really load up on it and place around as you please. It can even be used for your centerpieces. A new trend for fall is to use leaves instead of flowers, even for your bouquet. See what is available according to the time of year your wedding is held.

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Less is more: Sometimes less is more. Not only will being simplistic cost you less, it may add to the overall impression of your wedding. An easy way to simplify wedding flowers is to get just the basics: bouquets, boutonnieres, and an altar arrangement.

Have Your Wedding in a Garden: Talk about cheap! Free is always best, right? If you are indeed in love with lots of flowers adorning your wedding, think about having your wedding ceremony in a garden. This way, the flowers are already there and you don’t have to spend a thing!

Keep in mind that one of the best ways to save big on wedding flowers is to shop local and shop in season. Regardless of where you are, minus those living in arctic weather, you likely have an abundance of locally grown, vibrant, scent-filled flora in a variety of colors, which is nice if you have a themed wedding based on specific colors. For further help with ways to save on your wedding flowers, turn to bridal magazines and online resources, because some of the best ideas are based on other people’s ideas!

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