How to Look Fabulous in Bikram Yoga

First let me give you a brief introduction on bikram yoga. Bikram yoga is a series of yoga postures that is done in a heated room. The idea behind that is the sweating from the heat will detoxify one’s body and the heat again will induce more stretching for the muscles through the poses.

There are some things though to remember in order to get the best of what bikram yoga can offer. It’s from dressing well and knowing some dos and don’ts before the actual session.

I would like to focus more on the way yoga goers choose their clothing. Sometimes it’s the hardest part of the process, choosing what to wear. I’ve got some tips though for bikram yoga wears. Try to consider them below.

  1. First is to choose a top. Yoga top can make a difference in your movement later. You can choose different yoga tops depending on the style that you wanted it can be a sports bra or a cute tube top still designed for yoga. But in choosing a yoga top, there are still things to consider. See another list below.
  2. The fabric. Bikram yoga is a yoga that will make you sweat everything out. Choose a fabric that is breathable and made of lightweight materials. The best fabric would be a Supplex. It is a balance of Polymide and spandex.
  3. The comfort. Knowing you will be comfortable all throughout will ease your mind in the process. Before going to the session, try to do some poses yourself, see if the wear is letting you move freely.
  4. Choose the design. Some women are comfortable with black and neutral colors for yoga. But then some women are looking for those stylish tops that would be spelling character and attitude of fashion and style.
  5. Support. Imagine a yoga session wherein you will be stretch to the limit of your muscles, by that you should be in a top that would support your chest all throughout the session.
  6. Choose your bikram yoga pants or shorts.
  7. Yoga pants can be easy to find, but the best one would be a lot harder to look for. Yoga pants can be good for classes that won’t involve heat. SO for Bikram, capris can be good or shorts.
  8. Choose the style that will make you comfortable. Capris or shorts, it doesn’t matter. In bikram yoga, you should consider comfort to be able to perform the poses better. And these shorts should be comfortable and give support and won’t hinder you in doing the meditation.
  9. Pair them off. It doesn’t matter how you mix and match them. But for some woman, they are really meticulous with this. There are great pieces out there of bikram yoga wear that is a matching top and shorts or Capri. And yes, I agree too, sometimes it feels good to wear an eye snatching yoga wear.
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Now those are simple tips and steps. The best thing I can say though is, choose comfort but never forget style. Ciao!

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