How To Organize A Community Cleanup Effort

Every spring thousands of community volunteers come together and pick up the trash that winter left behind. Neighborhood cleanups are not only great for the environment, but they also help bring a community together. It shows that the residents care about the community, which in turn helps the community grow. Developers market the tightknit community to businesses and new home buyers. If you’re community does not have a designated spring cleanup day there are several ways you can take the lead and start one.

Talk to Your Neighbors

Feel out your neighbors and see if the idea peaks any interest. Explain the pros of keeping parks and open spaces clean such as protecting local wildlife. Enthusiasm is infectious, if you are excited and motivated than it will easy to get your neighbors behind you. Plus, when it’s for a good cause and they are direct beneficiaries, the community will be happy to join.

Form an Informal Committee

Neighborhood watch is an example of a volunteer committee that is not committal. The essence is, if you can do it great, if not, no worries. This committee is essentially a group of volunteers that is coming together to help out.  Create a committee with a focus on keeping the shared areas of the community clean.

Get Support from Associations

With your informal committee formed and a decent plan you can focus on getting the backing of the HOA or any other community Association. With the Association’s support, they can help with funding, supplies and marketing.

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Pick a Day and an Area

Map out the area that you want to clean.  If it’s a big area than maybe pick multiple cleanup days. When picking a day you should do it on a Saturday and for only a portion of the day to get the most volunteers.

Get Supplies

Work with your Association to help get supplies.  Some key ingredients to a successful cleanup day are: Gloves, trash bags, dumpsters, recycling bins, signs, drinks for volunteers and tools to help pick up trash. Talk with the local waste company about donating recycling bins and dumpsters.

Start Cleaning

On the day of cleaning make sure that you have the area that is getting cleaned clearly mapped for volunteers and that there’s an ample supply of water and snacks. With a large area it may be good to have a couple of dumpsters located at different locations for convenient dumping.

Celebrate with a Party

What better way to celebrate a successful clean up than with a party. Throw a backyard barbeque for the volunteers to show appreciation. This is a great time to say hello to neighbors and meet new friends.

With the support of friends, neighbors and your community association, organizing a community cleanup can be very successful. It’s also a great way to help the environment, create an inviting neighborhood for growth, meet new friends and pull the community together.

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