How to Plan And Execute Rice Bag Party

Organza is a famous material that is used in clothes and fancy gift items. It is commonly used in bags too. You can find numerous designs and patterns in organza. Ranging from different colour to design, there is endless variety to organza. Organza bags are used in wedding favour bags too. They have drawstring and look immensely pretty. These bags are crisp in texture and have an aesthetic appeal to it.

Organza bags are also used in rice bag party for brides. Here is an overview to that:

The best time to schedule the rice bag party is somewhere around 1 week before the nuptial ceremony. As the organizer of the party, you need to send wedding invitation to all the members.

Note: here the guests do not have to bring any gifts. This is different from the bridal shower.

Visit the nearby home gardening store. Here, you will get the safflower seeds. Make sure that you buy enough quantity considering the number of guests who will arrive at the rice bag party. Remember that each guest should have at least 1/4th cup of safflower seeds.

If you are confused about how safflower seeds look like then they are similar to rice. They are soft in nature. Birds eat the safflower seeds. Rodents do not feed on these seeds.

You will need small wedding organza bags along with other items like  ink pad and letter stamps. For more information, click here.

You will also require having paper tags. Make sure to colour coordinate these items with the wedding colour theme. Similarly match the letter stamps with the wedding theme.  Confused? Choose block letter stamps for contemporary style wedding. Or else you can opt for cursive font for traditional wedding affair.

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You can choose letters of couple’s initials. Similarly, you can choose a letter considering the new name of the bride post marriage.

Place the wedding organza bags in the centre of the room. Keep the safflower seeds along with the organza bags. Keep other items (paper tags and ink) on any chair or table at one corner of the room. Now you can ask each person one by one to come and stamp the initials of the couple on the paper tags.

Once every one has finished doing this, make sure that you lay the tags carefully to dry. Do not immediately put them together or else the ink might smudge.

Now you can ask all the guests to put safflower seeds into the organza bags. Make sure that the seeds do not spill down. Pull the drawstrings tightly.

Each guest can attach a monogram tag to the organza bags. It is not difficult to tie the monogram tag to the organza bags. All they need to do is to untie the knot of the bag ribbon, put the monogram tag into it and again retie the ribbon.

Now you need to put all the rice-filled bags together. Remember that the bags should be kept in a way that its mouth points upwards.

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