Important Facts Influencing the Choice of Cellophane Bags

What other can someone think of when the question of carrying something comes to mind? Cello bags have been satisfying this need of the masses for a long time. Not only carrying things, but also several other purposes are served by bags made of cellophane. A pioneering discovery, these bags have revolutionized packaging and redefined flexibility.

What Is Cellophane?

There are doubts as to what is cellophane made from. Some say it is viscose, while others say it is cellulose. However, whatever be the source of this material, the final product is extremely useful. The transparent material has been able to satisfy many users. Since the time of its invention, cellophane always occupied the minds of the consumers whenever packaging, storing and carrying were the needs. In today’s busy life, it is always not possible to pre plan everything from beforehand. While returning from somewhere, it may suddenly occur to the mind that certain things are to be purchased. Window-shopping is also a popular activity that again needs cello bags.

Polyethylene Bags-Another Option

Nowadays another alternative to the cellophane has occupied the market. The name of the substance is polyethylene. The bags made of polyethylene are of two types. They are the byproducts of the petro-chemical industry and are slightly different from the cellophane. They are more flexible than the cellophane and can easily fold. They are also heat sealable. However, there is another disadvantage also. Polyethylene is porous to moisture and vapor but makes this up by being stiffer to vapor and moisture.

Some Out Of the Box Uses

All types of cello bags can be made suiting the personal preference of the people. Their colors can be chosen and even texts and graphics can be imprinted upon them. Some of the greatest marketing ideas have evolved from the use of these bags. The texts, logos, symbols and messages imprinted upon these bags can have the desired effect on the targeted mass. A variety of colors can be chosen for the bags. These can also be chosen as a perfect gift wrapper with some personal touch, having an unforgettable effect on the receiver.

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Varieties in Cello Bags

Though the polyethylene bags have been launched in the market, there has been no decrease in the popularity of the cello bags. A plethora of cello bags like flat bottomed cello bags, gusseted cello bags, lip and tape cello bags and cellophane rolls. The Gusseted cellophane bags are known to have a seam with an open end. The flat-bottomed cello bags also have an open end and have a gusset in the side for expanding the bags. Cello basket bags have also come to the markets, which are used for preserving the contents inside the baskets. Cello rolls are also gaining popularity as they can be made to suit any size as and when required. They can also be printed with company name, logos or slogans, which are great advertisement medium. Lip and tape bags have the options of folding them to any one side and again have the flexibility of sealing with the help of adhesives.


Cellophane is the most chosen option when attractive presentation is the need of the day. A radiant and clear appearance accompanies the bags. This material is the ideal choice for wrapping small food and gift items, bouquets and gift hampers. The non-porous nature of the bags helps retain the freshness and prevent bad odors. Being chemically inert, it does not interfere with the flavor of the food. The thickness of the bags also determines the applications. Various thicknesses of the cellophane bags have various uses, like protection, storing heavy items etc.

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