Important Tips on How to Give Charity Donations Safely

It takes a person with a great heart to donate to charity organization. It is a good gesture of philanthropy. It is worth noting that donating to charity, whether online or offline is faced with various challenges. For a donor to donate the hard-earned resources, it is important to take precautions in order to ensure the donation goes where it was intended. Therefore, as a donor, you need to organize the details of the donation so that you can make most of your efforts. This helps you to remain safe from frauds and identity theft. Are you planning to give some donations to charity organization and do not know how to do it safely? Do not mind because here are some tips on how to give charity donations safely you can rely on.

Be conversant with your rights: As a donor, you should know your rights. For instance, you should enjoy a right to important information about the charity organization you wish to donate to. Therefore, it is important to make some inquiries from the organization concerning how they use the money donated to them. It is advisable to go through and understand the donor bill of right. This will help you to determine all your rights in relation to donations to charitable organizations.

Know the charity organization properly: You should never give donations to charity you know nothing about. Therefore, once you are familiar with your rights as a donor, the next thing should be conducting a thorough research on the charity organization. Genuine charity organization should have a mission statement, a clear description of what they have achieved in the past. They should also have a list of the board of directors. As such, this information should be available to any donor via website and offline. This will help you donate to legitimate charitable organization.

During your research, you should have access to information such as the name, phone numbers, address of the organization, and whether the organization is registered or not. You should never donate to unregistered organization. To verify whether it is registered, the organization should provide you with its registration number.

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Give safely: This is very crucial, especially if the donation is to be made online. Before, sharing your credit card information online, you should ensure that the organization’s website uses encryption technology. This helps a great deal in protecting you from online criminals. To determine if the site is safe, its URL should begin “https”.

Donate directly: It is advisable to give your donations directly to the intended organization. You should never use a third party to send your donations whether you want to donate online or offline. It is worth noting that third party sites will charge you a fee and later charge the charity organization.

Protect your privacy: It is important to read and understand the privacy policy of the charity organization before disclosing your personal details like credit card information. Make sure you have understood how the organization will treat your information. If the organization has no mechanism for protecting your personal information, you may consult with them and request that they help you protect your privacy. Do not take chances with your crucial credit card information!

Get proof of donation and keep paper records: Once you have given your donation, the organization should give you a receipt. This will not only help you keep your personal records, it will also help you for taxation purposes.

These are some of the important tips on how to give charity donation safely you should consider when making a donation.

Some of famous charity organizations:
1. Big Brothers Big Sisters of America (BBSSA) is the oldest and largest youth mentoring organization in the United States,
2. Mater prize Home . All funds raised from the Mater Prize Home Lottery go directly to supporting patient care and research at Mater hospitals and the Mater Medical Research Institute.
3. Canines for Disabled Kids (CDK) is a relatively new charity, having begun only in 1998. This organization provides assistance dogs to children under age 12 who are autistic or have hearing or physical disabilities.

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