Information To Consider When Choosing A Nursing School

Nursing Program

The nursing profession has long been a tried and true staple for those looking for a secure occupation with excellent benefits and good pay. This is truer than ever as our Baby Boomer population ages and we gain a greater understanding of health management. Fortunately, a nursing program in Denver need not cost a fortune. Nursing programs are available at Denver community colleges that can get you the training you require to get into a lucrative and growing field with much less cost than a typical university program of the same caliber.

The Critical Need for Trained Healthcare Professionals

Over the next ten years, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts a growth rate of 26% for registered nurses. RN’s are predicted to earn an average of $64,690 annually with just an associate’s degree for entrance to the field. Despite these positive numbers, there is a growing concern about a future shortage of trained nurses. The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) is working on several initiatives to try to combat this problem, noting that schools are having trouble keeping up a pace necessary to meet the growing demand our aging population is creating. The AACN, along with several other nursing organizations, are working with schools and legislators to combat this issue, including expanding existing nursing programs and providing incentives to encourage students to join these programs.

Community College Nursing Programs Are the Best Bet for Working Adults

One of the major benefits of seeking out a community college nursing program is the flexibility in coursework. Community colleges often offer evening and weekend courses for students with busy lives. For those seeking higher level degrees, good nursing programs in Denver community colleges should offer courses that transfer to universities. These programs often offer educational opportunities of equal quality to university offerings, especially as many community colleges partner with local healthcare groups to grant students clinical experience. Instructors often come from a working background and can offer real-world expertise alongside academic instruction as well.

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Beyond Nursing: Healthcare Career Flexibility

Another important consideration for those considering a career in healthcare is the range of possibilities beyond Registered Nursing. The healthcare industry is in need of a range of professionals, including phlebotomists, medical imaging specialists, diagnostic medical sonographer specialists, radiologists, nursing aides, physician’s assistants, and more. Many of these programs can be completed in less time than a registered nursing program and offer excellent benefits and pay. For example, the BLS predicts that radiologists will see a growth of 28% over the next decade – a faster growth rate than RN’s will enjoy. Radiologists average pay is only slightly less than an RN at $54,340 annually.

If you are seeking a profitable and rewarding career in a fast-growing sector, look no further than a Denver nursing program. In just a few years you can be a trained healthcare professional ready to take advantage of the shortage of qualified people to fill necessary job openings. Utilizing the flexibility Denver community college nursing programs offer ensures that you can get your degree while working, raising children, or whatever other obstacles your busy life provides. If nursing itself isn’t something you are keen on, consider one of the many other well-paid and in-demand healthcare careers available.

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