Jewellery Trends For Summer 2013

As the sun starts shining and the dress becomes the seasonal staple piece, it is clear that summer is here.

As the weather changes, so do the fashions and that includes accessories. Winter jewellery is often very heavy and can be the focal point of an otherwise dull outfit. However in summer, jewellery is light, bright and feminine.

I have put together a guide to 2013’s best jewellery trends of the season, to get you looking hot this summer!

Geo Graphic

Accessories inspired by contrast and shape always make a comeback in Spring and Summer. Geometric shapes filled with bright colour make great earrings, necklaces and bracelets and create wonderful silhouettes that complement your outfit. They often work well with geometric patterns on outfits and graphic layering.

Floral Fairytail

When you think summer, you think floral, and this trend has spread to the jewellery market. The femininity and charm of floral jewellery can uplift an outfit and give your look a touch of nature. Think roses, daisy chains and flower bouquets combined with elegant coloured gems. However, be careful that you don’t over-do it. A floral maxi dress combined with bouquets hanging from your earlobes may not be a good look.

Tales of the Orient

As the East continues to inspire the fashion world, oriental themed accessories were a big hit at the spring/summer 13 catwalk shows including kimonos, layering and big jewellery. Lots of richly-designed accessories made up of vibrant gemstones, diamonds and all the greens could be seen, often worked with gold surfaces and layered chains.

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Boho Chic

Think girl next door with a twist updated cameos, pearlescent finishes, organic silhouettes and found objects. This girl is free-loving, freewheeling but fashion conscious, with a pretty punk attitude that’s filled with fun.

Sci-fi Spectrum

This is more of a night time look that works well with simple outfits and mysterious colours. Orbs, silver, pale gold, crystal and glassy finishes, combined with colour metal surfaces provide a very futuristic, moody, cool look that will have friends demanding to know where you got those earrings from.


This trend is absolutely perfect for your ‘holiday jewellery’ box that you only wear abroad. Except this year, these accessories can be worn all season round. Cocktail rings, beads, oversized earrings, jangly bangles and charm clusters are just some of the jewels that would perfectly compliment that summer shift dress. You can’t be scared of drama to pull this trend off; with ‘riviera’ more is more.

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