Las Vegas Living In The Retirement Years

People today are retiring at much younger ages, and many people retiring in their later years are more healthy and younger at heart than years past.  While many retirees plan to live in quiet communities around others of similar ages, many are looking at retirement age as a new beginning, seeking more entertainment than ever before, therefore several retirees now days are retiring to the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas!

Why Retire to Las Vegas?

Many people might shake their head at retirement communities in Las Vegas, thinking about the constant hustle and bustle, however, due to the many people seeking retirement in this area, several communities are now being built, several miles from all the action, so the retiree can have tranquil times, with lights and action right  at their fingertips!

Las Vegas is place that appeals to people of all kinds.  With everything to offer from shows, clubs, theater, specialty bars, ca****s, museums, and not to mention the neon lights of Las Vegas Boulevard!  There truly is something here for everyone!

Las Vegas climate is very dry and the summers are very hot, but this state averages approximately 300 days per year of sunshine!  So for the retiree who can put up with heat and doesn’t like dreary rainy days, this may be the perfect retirement spot!

Where Are Most Retirement Communities located in Las Vegas?

A popular area for retirement communities are in Sun City.  Located just 30 minutes from the Las Vegas strip, you can either get away from it all, or have the opportunity for the excitement and rejuvenation any time you wish.

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As evidenced by companies such as Nathan Carlisle, retirement communities are about enriching the lives of folks during their ‘Golden Years.’  These self- contained communities offer a variety of amenities such as swimming pools, spas, billiards, and in Las Vegas, some have their own private ca****s and shopping within the retirement community!

Sun City Anthem is the largest community in Las Vegas.  This retirement facility is located approximately 20 minutes from the downtown strip.  Sun City Anthem expands on the majority of the famous ‘black mountains’.  Not only is Sun City Anthem the largest community, but they are dedicated to the  happiness of their residents, therefore they do not only provide the usual amenities as listed above, but they also provide indoor golf courses that even comes with a bar and grill like any other golf course!

Sun City McDonald Ranch is located next to the black mountains, but at a much lower elevation.  This retirement community is much more urbanized, and some tourists may not even recognize it as a retirement community.

Sun City Summerlin was the first age restricted residency in Las Vegas.  This community is all single story dwellings with the same square footage of 1,000 to 3,000 square feet.

Whether the retirement community you choose is called Active Adult Living, Independent Living or Continuing Care Retirement Community, they all have one goal in mind and that is to keep the residents happy and healthy and make their retirement years the best they can be.

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