Looking Good In The Heat – A Guide To Staying Cool When It Gets Hot

If there is one thing which brings a smile to everyones face it is hot weather. And of course, when it’s warm and you are out and about you will naturally want to be looking your absolute best. However the heat can present it’s own potential problems when it comes to looking good. Here we present a short guide to staying cool when it gets hot..

Choose the right attire

OK pretty obvious but if you know it’s gonna be a scorcher don’t leave the house in an outfit which is better suited to the depths of winter.  So lets discuss each part of your summer outfit in detail…

T-shirt or Polo? 

T-shirts and polo are of course ideal for the sun. Whether you choose a polo or a t shirt should depend upon where you are headed for the day. If you are going to hang out on the beach a t shirt maybe more suitable. However if you are going to bar or a friends house you may feel a polo is more appropriate.

Shorts, Shorts, Shorts!

Need we say it again? It doesn’t matter how much you love your jeans, they are no good when it starts to get hot. Again if you are gonna laze on the beach all day then choose a light pair but if your not, then choose something which matches your t-shirt/polo.

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Socks or no Socks?

Whether you need socks will largely depend on what you are doing. If you know you are going to walk any particular distance then it is sensible to wear trainer socks with a pair of light trainers or plimsolls. But if if you are headed for the beach then some cool sandals would be a better choice. Whatever you do make sure you avoid wearing socks AND sandals!

What about a hat?

Not only can a hat finish off your look it is also essential to avoid exposing yourself to too much sun. Get yourself a trilby!


No summer look would be complete without a pair of shades. Choose wisely though, it must tone with the rest of your outfit. A pair of aviators is normally a pretty safe bet for most outfits.

Oh and one final thing – always take a hoody or jumper just in case the heavens open when you are out as you never know just how long the hot weather will last!

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