Looking To Relocate? Three Areas You May Not Have Considered

Places like California or New York City are constantly being dreamed of. The aspiring teenagers of the world hope to land a NYC job and live in a studio apartment to say they’re making it, or run away to California and live the beaten down path of the beatnik. However, there are many great places to live that are outside the usual realm of consideration.

These places have character, hometown pride, local quirks and so much more. Home may be where the heart is, but you may want to lay your heart in one of these great areas.

Washington State Coastline

Washington is beautiful; it has hiking trails, a beautiful coast, and Seattle, a quaint quiet town of well renowned cafes. Much of the western part of the state is still undeveloped, leaving much of nature still intact. The parts that are built up are incredible. Seattle has a gorgeous skyline and amazing seaports to go fishing, boating, and more.

The area is great for daytrips such as hiking, camping, and digging for clams. The state also has an abundance of attractions from Seattle’s Space Needle to the Puget Sound Ferry Ride. While many will go to the area in search of a vacation, why not actually live there?

There are many areas to choose from. There are places with apple orchards; there are cities; and there are seaport towns. No matter what your lifestyle, there is a town to suit your needs that is only a daytrip away from incredible vacation spots you can enjoy any day of the year.

Middleton, WI

Number eight on CNN’s top 100 Best Places To Live, Wisconsin makes a name for itself when it comes to relocation destinations. The town has a population of just over 17,000 and boasts an unemployment rate of 5.1%. One of the best reasons to move to Middleton is the current economic strain and lack of jobs.

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For anyone who has been having trouble finding employment, Middleton has an incredible list of employers with 17,000 jobs in the town itself (only 400 less than people who live there). This makes for a very happy town environment and plenty of paychecks to go around.

The town also has great restaurants, cute shops in a downtown area and some cool attractions. Overall, this is a town that can provide affordable living, a job to pay for it, and wonderful stops in and around town for weekend daytrips with the family.

Southern New Jersey

Surprised to see Jersey on the list? You really shouldn’t be. New Jersey is one of the states that have everything: mountains, ca****s, beaches, cities, hiking, and so on. This state experiences all four seasons each year, giving variety to weather experiences. Plus, there are so many houses for sale in NJ that anyone can find a home that best suits their needs in this state.

Southern New Jersey in particular is the best for several reasons. There is historic Cape May, one of the oldest shore towns on the east coast. There is a $52 million aquarium, historic downtown areas in nearly every town, plus a large amount of outdoor recreational activities to choose from.

And of course, there’s Atlantic City. Well-known for the HBO hit Boardwalk Empire, this town started in the times of prohibition as one of the go-to spots. Today, there are world-class ca****s, entertainment from around the world and amazing restaurants recognized for their incredible cuisine. This incredible culture hub, historic site and wonderful beach spot is easily accessible from any town in South Jersey.

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