Loss-Prevention Security Guard… Unarmed But Watching!

If you’re fresh out of high-school and would like to jump into a career right away, you might want to consider becoming a loss-prevention security guard.  Initially, all that is required is that you successfully complete high-school and from there on, many companies will offer on-the-job-training.  You may be surprised to learn that loss-prevention security personnel utilize the same skills and techniques as private detectives assigned to work undercover.

Loss-prevention security works covertly, usually in the retail environment, and individuals are trained to recognize various types of body language that could indicate suspicious behavior leading up to or covering up a planned theft.  Unlike traditional security guards, loss-prevention officers wear civilian clothing to intentionally blend in with the crowd.  These professionals work closely with law enforcement and are fully authorized to apprehend and detain any suspects believed to be involved in any type of theft even something as ‘miniscule’ as a $10.00 pair of earrings.

What Are The Requirements?

Aside from a high-school education as well as on-the-job instruction, company training provides additional classes including loss-prevention fundamentals, approach and initial contact, and electronic surveillance indoctrination.

The personality traits of this type of individual must incorporate quick thinking combined with calmness and resolve.  Being a natural problem-solver is a definite advantage and these professionals must be just that ‘professional’.  In addition, they must possess a combined a talent of exhibiting excellent customer relation skills and a stoic demeanor at all times.  ‘Calm, cool, and collected’ would be the words one could use to describe the personality profile of these individuals.

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A clear criminal record is a pre-requisite as well as a clean back-ground check.

Loss-Prevention Officers Are In Demand!

Customer theft, employee theft and vendor fraud all contribute to an astronomical inventory shrinkage problem in the retail arena that amounts to a whopping $50 Billion a year, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.  This equates to 4% or more of revenue loss and 30% or more of all operating profit.  Loss-prevention careers are on the rise and the median pay is more than $36,000 a year.

Everything from covert operations, to auditing a retailer’s books to managing electronic theft-deterrent systems, to criminal investigations loss prevention responsibilities are diverse much needed.

According to U.S. Labor Statistics, loss prevention professionals recoup literally millions upon millions of stolen retail items each and every year.  These dedicated individuals most definitely help to take a bite out of crime!

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