Massage Therapy And Other Natural Treatments For Back Pain

Back pain affects a high percentage of people at some time or another during their lives for various reasons. Whether you suffer from mild aches or chronic pain that cripples you and hampers your everyday activities, it’s an inconvenience that can bring serious misery to the person experiencing it. Individual cases require different remedies to alleviate discomfort, but if you’re not into popping pain pills every day there are more natural treatments administered through exercise and vitamins and by physical and massage therapists that can possibly help to ease the soreness.

Massage Therapy

A massage therapist may just have the special touch you need to rub out the discomfort you feel in your back. The techniques used in massage therapy helps to increase circulation in the body and decrease pain, inflammation, muscle tension and spasms. A trained massage therapist can take a different approach to assessing your back tissues and muscles than a conventional doctor and can actually work out scar tissue with kneading and stroking hand motions.

Good Posture

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it can be difficult to constantly be conscious of your posture as you go through your daily motions, and people are often putting stress on their back without even realizing it. Over time, poor posture can lead to really aggravating back pain. By maintaining good posture with your shoulders straight and relaxed, your chest held high and your feet balancing your weight you will be lightening the pressure placed on your back and should notice an improvement with the pain.


Yoga increases flexibility and puts into practice a relaxing state of mind, which both tend to soothe back pain. Making yoga exercise a regular part of your life will improve balance and strength, helping to relieve tension and disperse your weight load throughout your body. Yoga will most likely fold you into poses and stretches that you wouldn’t normally attempt and loosen up areas that are usually tense for you. Yoga also helps with posture, alignment and breathing techniques.

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Vitamin D, Herbs, Magnesium

Back pain can sometimes be a sign of vitamin deficiency, particularly vitamins B and D. Increasing your daily intake of these vitamins, either naturally through food sources and ultraviolet rays or with supplements, create and maintain healthy bones and strengthen and heal inflamed nerves, which can all directly relate to reducing back pain. Taking herbs that contain anti-inflammatory effects can also be useful in diminishing inflammation that causes mild back pain. Magnesium is a mineral that we all need plenty of for bone strength and muscle and nerve functions. A deficiency can lead to muscle spasms in the back.

Physical Therapy

An experienced physical therapist may work with you on specialized movements that can help to realign joints and stretch tense muscles. Physical therapy can restore full function in a back that has been gripped with aches and pains and give you training to take with you on proper posture for bending, lifting, sitting and sleeping.

People who suffer from back pain may find it helpful to apply several of these treatments at once. A massage therapist can work out the kinks while you continue to exercise and take vitamins for maximum effectiveness. Your healthcare provider can advise which natural remedies may work best for your specific pain.

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