My Boss Bad Mouthed Me – Should I Immediately Raise This Concern

I have been hearing a lot of stories about bosses bad mouthing their employees. In all angles, that shouldn’t be fine. Each and every one deserves respect regardless of one’s position in the office.

If you are getting fowl words from your boss, you might want to finish this entire post. Don’t make your life miserable by just condoning what your boss is doing to you.

Prolong your patience. Let me begin by saying that you need to prolong your patience. I wouldn’t recommend that you quit right away. I know that given the economy, it would be hard to change jobs. Plus, there are monthly expenditures which you have to cover. If you can ignore what your boss is telling you, do it. But of course, you have to make a plan on how you are going to stop that.

Is he doing this on a regular basis? A bad afternoon might pushed your boss to curse. That’s acceptable. But if he is doing it regularly and he does it in front of your colleagues and your clients, then it is about time that you start doing your plans. You are not his clown! Power tripping is never a good quality of a superior.

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Have the guts to talk to him. I wouldn’t suggest that you escalate the concern to a higher authority just yet. The most logical thing to do is to talk to your boss. Set a meeting with him or if you think he’s not busy, you can knock on his office. Don’t you dare ask for a fist fight. Be professional in raising your concerns. You can use the following statements:

Let’s assume that your boss’ name is Edward.

Hi Edward, I don’t think that cursing in front of our clients will do good for the company.

You can also say, Edward, I noticed that you seem irritated when I’m around. Would you like to tell me what’s the matter?
Talk to him in a civilized manner. If he is still bad mouthing you, perhaps, he deserves the next option.

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