Necessity of Bath Towels and Its 4 Types

If you want, your body to be pampered then get it wrapped with soft, thick and fluffy towels. Moreover, bright and colourful collection of towels accentuates the dwcor of your bathroom. The most preferable material for towel is 100% cotton because of its high soaking capabilities because of which you get dry quickly. While buying towel for your bathroom, type of cotton is not main consideration rather soaking capability and quality of the material matters. Most lucrative cotton comes from countries like Brazil and Egypt.

Otherwise, there are many other countries, which produce cotton such as U.S.A., Australia and China. Sometime you would find that towels are manufactured with blend effect of cotton and polyester so that shrinkage and wear and tear problems can be prevented. However, in due course they tend to lose the standard of quality that needs to be maintained while manufacturing towels.

Good quality towels are often light in weight but capable of gaining recognition in the market through its soft and velvety touch. However, in case of poor quality towel, they tend to lose their shape with gradual washing and it often feels scratchy on your skin. You must ensure that the corner of the towel when folded gives the shape of perfect square as an indication of high quality product.

  • It is generally noticed while purchasing towels that vendor often categorize towels as terry cotton or velour. Terry cotton is produced out of a weaving process wherein the fibres on both the side of the material are looped. Now in case of velour, these loops are cropped so that smoother texture can be defined. Generally, velour towels are put into use for decorative reasons whereas the terry towels are used for regular day-to-day use. So far, towel has been segregated into different use and accordingly sizes and shapes of the matter vary such as face towels, hand towels, bath towels and bathroom towels. With their associated name, you can easily make the purpose that individual towel would have.
  • Another type of towel that you can put to use is microfiber towels made from synthetic fabric. This type of product is thin and longwearing. Moreover, it holds the capacity to absorb 5 times more than their weight is. As this light weighted towel dries out quickly, people find it more useful though colour options are not many.
  • If you want to buy soft and silky touch towel then organic cotton fabric made towels would be an apt choice. These types of products are manufactured from cotton fabric grown without the use of harmful chemical components. This type of towel is perfect for those who are sensitive to chemical composition.
  • Lastly, bamboo towels would surely catch your attention due to its softness and silkiness. It absorbs more water than an ordinary cotton fabric does. It is an ideal towel for maintaining hygienic environment because of its natural hypoallergenic, anti-microbial and odour resistant features. This could also be considered as one of the eco-friendly choice to make with required features that you expect your towel to have.
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So far, you have learnt about types of towel and things to consider while buying them. Nevertheless, you should also understand the necessity to care for towels so that long lasting smoothness and softness of the towel can be maintained. Some of the tips are as follows

  • Use warm or cold water for washing towels and ensure that drying procedure must be followed on the lines outdoor. If you are using dryer then make use of cool or sensitive cycle so that decorative strips can be prevented from being shrink.
  • Dark colour towels should be washed separately as they might have the tendency to lose colour. For six to seven months, follow the same style of washing for thick pile towels so that fluffiness of the towel could be kept intact.
  • Use of fabric softener is prohibited as the solution contains silicone that usually tends to lessen the capacity of towel to absorb moisture.
  • Avoid toothpaste, makeup remover and other first aid creams from being in contact with towel as it can stain or discolour the towel that looks awful to use.

For more information on bathroom towels and their related facts, you can take help from online source of knowledge i.e. internet and make wise selection.

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