Ohio Facts And Figures You Won’t Believe

1. 6% of Ohio adults plan to buy a new vehicle.

Ohio city data shows that 6% of those in Toledo and Columbus plan to buy a new vehicle in the coming year, seven percent in Cleveland and Cincinnati. Ohioans spend on average $19,600 on a new car.

2. 55% of Ohioans finished home improvement projects this year.

Six percent ended up spending close to $10K on projects around the house. Interior painting, wallpapering, and landscaping topped the list.

3. Close to 20% of Ohioans had overnight hospital stays.

Seventeen percent of the Ohio market stayed overnight for procedures in the forty plus hospitals within the state. Ten percent used the urgent care facilities during the year.

4. Ohio is home to many firsts.

In 1865 Cincinnati was the first city to have an ambulance service. On August 5, 1914, the country’s first traffic light went up in Cleveland. The pop top can was invented in Kettering, and the cash register came about in 1879 in Dayton. How’s that for impressive Ohio city data?

5. Ohio is the home of John Glen.

Also an Ohio senator, John Glenn was the oldest person to go to outer space. In 1962 he had been the first United States astronaut to orbit Earth.

6. Ohio is the home of aviation.

Ohio was the home of the Wright brothers. Starting with a bicycle shop in Dayton, they went on to invent the first airplane that actually took flight.

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7. Several United States presidents are from Ohio.

There are a total of seven presidents who came from Ohio. This includes Ulysses S. Grant, James A. Garfield, Rutherford B. Hayes, Benjamin Harrison, William H. Taft, William McKinley, and Warren G. Harding.

8. The State of Ohio is home to many celebrities.

Over the years several of Hollywood’s stars have been from Ohio. Paul Newman, Clark Gable, and Arsenio Hall all came from Ohio, as well as director Steven Speilberg. Drew Carey not only grew up in Ohio, he used Cleveland as the setting for his popular TV show. Even Annie Oakley came from this state.

9. Ohio has progressive colleges and universities.

In 1833 the Oberlin College was founded. It was the first coeducational and interracial United States College. The Ohio University was established in 1804. It was the first university in the Northwest Territory.

10. Ohio is an electric state.

Thomas A. Edison was born and raised in Milan. He grew up and invented the incandescent light bulb. Cleveland was the first electrically lit city. This happened in 1879.

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