Open-Air Cinema at Summer Screen, New York

Mc Carren Park

Summer is upon us, and in The Big Apple it is the perfect time to be taking your mats, foldable chairs, picnic baskets and friends outside to enjoy some good old outdoor cinema. Summer Screen in New York, one of the city’s many free outdoor film festivals, kicks off its 2013 season with six rip-roaring, nail-biting, and gut-bursting films in Williamsburg’s Mc Carren park, from July 10th to August 14th. First held in 2006, its debut screening of Do the Right Thing attracted 3000 people. Since then, Summer Screen has become a local and even international attraction for New Yorkers and those based outside of America. This year, films such as The Goonies, Speed, Can’t Hardly Wait, and Pee Wee’s Big Adventure will be screened. A final sixth film will be selected by popular audience vote.

To be a part of this quintessential New York experience, film buffs can find affordable flights to New York. There is an abundance of free activities in the city during the summer, from outdoor theatre to concerts, street fairs, and museum visits. Experience quintessential New York in the summer, and make the flight absolutely worth it. Part of the charm of watching an outdoor film with thousands of other New Yorkers is in soaking up the atmosphere that the city has to offer. Listen to a local Brooklyn band play before the screening; stand with the crowd to clap and cheer as the movie begins; erupt in laughter or scream in shock in a 3000-strong chorus and watch the credits roll under the stars.

New York is a massive city but it’s not difficult to find the perfect hotel in the centre, or even a hostel. Stay away from Times Square if you want to get cheaper hotels, and opt for trendy and affordable hotels in Brooklyn if you are traveling on a budget. Brooklyn is an ideal area to stay in, especially for the young traveller. It has a lot to offer in terms of great dining, a hip music scene, quaint shops and beautiful neighbourhoods, and it is only a short subway ride away from Manhattan.

New York’s Summer Screen is just one of the many other outdoor film festivals that happen all over the city throughout the summer in various parks and even on rooftops. Summer Screen’s pickings tend to be audience favourites, and an audience vote for the final film attests to the festival’s crowd-friendly vibe. To enjoy outdoor theatre elsewhere in the world, check out Vienna and Berlin for many free open-air cinemas in the summer, situated in parks, on roofs, and even in front of palaces. For more acclaimed outdoor theatre that discovers and rewards the best in new cinema, check out the Guadalajara International Film Festival or the Dubai International Film Festival. Both festivals hold competitions for international films and screen selections on a 30-foot screen, with historical cathedrals and skyscrapers as real-life backgrounds.

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