Passover Fun And Fast Facts

If you think the Passover is an upcoming Bradley Cooper film this time about a group of frat guys reuniting for one of their buddies’ recent death you are quite misguided; although some folks at Hollywood could definitely greenlight that potentially riotous premise. If you think it’s the newest single from Taylor Swift commemorating, or better yet, dissing another failed romance, you still are way off the mark. Now if you think Passover is that curious day in which your Jewish friends and colleagues can’t eat pizza, well, you are a bit close.

Passover is a week-long festival celebrating the Biblical narrative known to all as the Exodus, which tells the story of Jewish slaves’ freedom from the hands of the Egyptians. If that sounds a bit heavy for you, here are a few light and fun facts about this festival.

  • South Asia is where the biggest Passover Seder happens.

Most people would assume that the biggest Passover ritual feast otherwise known as the Seder happens in Israel or Hollywood for that matter. But this isn’t quite the case. In fact, the biggest Seder, which is observed on the first day of the Passover week, is said to take place in Kathmandu, Nepal. Because of Kathmandu’s high elevation, its Seder feast has been dubbed as the Seder on Top of the World and is attended by at least 2000 merrymakers comprised of travelers and Jewish locals alike.

  • Kosher soda anyone?

Kosher is the term used for Judaism’s dietary law. During the Passover feast, these traditional principles are collectively observed by the Jewish people with stricter adherence. One of the no-no ingredients for a Kosher sustenance is high-fructose corn. Being the culturally aware brand that it is, Coca Cola regularly produces a Kosher coke that uses real sugar as opposed to a corn-derived artificial sweetener. To avoid customer confusion, the Kosher coke comes in yellow caps instead of the traditional red.

  • Gefilte Fish is not as bad as it looks. In fact, it’s quite sumptuous.

This kosher food isn’t entirely pleasing to the eyes, we get that. But it can make tender love with your palate like an underappreciated or mediocre lover ready to compensate for what he/she lacks in terms of physicality. The aforementioned awkward and possibly off-putting simile notwithstanding, Gefilte Fish is really worth the try.

  • Kosher wine isn’t synonymous with Manischewitz.

Manischewitz, just like Colgate or Apple or Justin Bieber, is a brand. It should not be used interchangeably with the phrase Kosher wine which actually covers a lot of names or variants. Furthermore, although Manischewitz has taken hold of a large chunk of the Jewish market, specifically in the United States, the company sometimes uses corn syrup in their products hence not all of their offerings should be taken in face value and considered Kosher.

  • One historical event coincided with the Passover.

No, it’s not the day Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston broke up. We are talking about the assassination of former United States President Abraham Lincoln. Although both news, as we all know, are quite sad.

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