Princess Di’s Wedding Dress Travels To Canada

Its probably the most recognised wedding dress in the world; not only because it has the longest train in royal wedding history, but also because its the dress Princess Diana got married in, in 1981.The dress has travelled over the world as part of the Diana: A Celebration exhibit which has now opened in Edmonton, Canada.

About the dress

British dressmakers Elizabeth and David Emanuel designed the dress behind a blacked-out shop front window. They even went so far as to hire two security guards to ensure that no one rooted through the trash bins for fabric samples or entered the store to steal sketches.

Everyone remembers that remarkably long train but what they might not know is about the tremendous amount of detail that went into the creation; the lace frills were made with the traditional Carrickmacross lace-making technique, the embroidery was done by hand and the whole decorated with 10, 000 pearls.

Fellow curator of the exhibit, Graeme Murton, explains that Diana, wanted a fairy-tale wedding dress and that, it had to have a big impact because (St. Pauls in London) was such a large cathedral.

It would seem that the dress lived up to Dianas expectations; the exhibition website recalls that the Princess was then 20 years old and she later described the day as one of the happiest of her life.

More on Diana: A Celebration

Since Diana got married in the dress 30 years ago more than a million people have seen it as part of the exhibit, raising around £1 million for charity. Officially the dress belongs to Princes William and Harry but, theyve entrusted it to the care of their uncle, the Earl of Spencer, who launched the display.

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Diana: A Celebration takes visitors on a journey from her childhood on the Althrop Estate, through her marriage to Prince Charles, the birth of her sons William and Harry, right up to her later work and styles until shortly before her death in 1997. The exhibition includes 28 designer dresses, family heirlooms, personal mementos, jewellery and, of course the wedding dress.

On the day of Prince Williams royal wedding to Kate Middleton, the exhibit was in on display in Union Station, Kansas City and it sold out; its popularity is telling evidence of the worlds fascination with the British Royal Family and Dianas dress.

Last June Dianas engagement dress sold for £192,000 but it is estimated that her wedding dress is priceless. Seeing as it belongs to her sons it is also unlikely that it will be part with easily.
Whilst certainly the star of the exhibition, the royal wedding dress will be one of 150 artefacts displayed in nine galleries at the West Edmonton Mall until the display closes on the 9th of June 2013.

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