Replacement of Spa Heaters

Spa owners often face several issues pertaining to the replacement and repair of the spa parts. Spa heaters are among the most vital components in the hot tub which facilitates in heating the water in the tub. Hot tub heaters, which are a few years old needs to be replaced if there are functional issues. Some of the most common hot tub heater problems include no heat, low heat, short circuit or overheating which causes the power switch to trip. Corrosion, rusting and leakages can also cause the heaters to malfunction.

It is important to test the hot tub heater before replacing it completely. The heaters can be isolated from the entire unit for testing. Short circuits tend to happen in spa and hot tubs if there are water leakages. So it is quite important to disconnect the power switch before repairing or replacing the components of a hot tub.

If the hot tub heaters are older and less maintained, calcium deposits tend to collect on these heaters which can cause it to break down or malfunction. With higher calcium build up on the heaters, it tends to function harder so as to maintain a regular temperature. This can further cause a rise in the electricity bills.

Hot tub heaters must be maintained well and prevented from calcium build-up and corrosion so that it lasts for a long period of time. This can be accomplished by using the right amount of chemicals in the hot water tub. Calcium rich water needs to be treated so that the amount of calcium can be reduced drastically. It is possible to prevent calcium deposition on the heaters by maintaining the pH level of the water appropriately. Higher pH level can cause corrosion and calcium precipitation that can damage the heaters as well as the pump seals of the hot tubs.

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Hot tub heaters can be replaced with the assistance of hot tub service technician who is qualified to deal with troubleshooting of spas and hot tubs. Before attempting to repair or replace any spa part, it is quite important to switch off the power supply of these devices completely to avoid accidents and injuries.

Most of the new models of hot tub heaters have inbuilt sensors which can be bought from online stores at affordable price rates. There are heaters with pressure switches on the back side of the heaters. It is quite important to mention the requirements of specific hot tubs and spas before ordering hot tub heaters. Spa Boss offers a variety of heaters with specific features and advantages.

The life of a spa heater can be extended by maintaining proper water chemistry and pH level. It prevents corrosion and damages to the heater covers.

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