Role Of A Printer In A Student’s Life

Students are much focused nowadays and they are very sure how to wheel the steering of technology towards desired ends. In fact, many students have acknowledged that printers have an indispensable role in their lives. Cheap printers are good enough for most students in their basic usage where they simply print out a copy and Xerox the additional copies. But cheap printers must be such that they print well as well as last long.

Carrying your own printer to the educational institution is a brilliant idea because, in that case, you may end up spending less on printing than done at the school or college. This also saves you from waiting in queues and lets you print more often. Say you need an immediate print out, you just have the convenience of doing it at room itself without having to delay. Among printers available in the market, some are cheap and works easily, but a better attribute to look for is one that is affordable in maintaining, as well as functionally superior.

Here, I am telling you about how students can get the benefit from the most common printers used these days.

Laser Printer/ Standard Ink Jet

It is a common notion that Ink Jet Cartridges are cheapest, and it is true but only partially. The price of the package may increase if there are added components to it. All-in-one printers running on Ink jet cartridges that serve as scanners, copier and printer are available and probably this is best suited for students need. For educational needs, an all-in-one printer with 1200×1200 resolutions can well suffice and can produce 200 copies per month. These multifunction ink jets are appropriate for students who need a number of copies, faxes, scanning as well as a color photo printout for assignments or projects.

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In contrast, you could also own a personal laser printer for $100, but tones give better number of pages each refill than ink cartridges.

Wireless Printers

Some printers are Wi-Fi enabled which allows it to be accessed remotely. Say multiple students need printers, and then they can invest on one device that can be used as a communal printer for many students. It is especially appreciated because it removes clutter of cords especially since students do not have the luxury of space in dorms. Here, I would suggest you to share the same printer with roommates and dorm-mates by placing it anywhere. It would be accessible by others also from around the room. Moreover, at home, the students can share their printers with other members of the family.

3D Printers

Assembling portfolios of 3D printed materials are also possible by 3D printers for the purpose of CAD demonstration by students in engineering colleges or university. Various disciplines can benefit from it like creating physical designs for architecture students, molecular models for medical students, and 3D examples from real life for arts students, as well as modifications of the same, by taking out the print out in the class itself, in a small span of time.

As discussed above, we have seen that the role of printers in a student’s life is pretty essential in almost all phases of their academic life. A personal printer can hand over sharply, clear and fast print volumes like in case of writing thesis, assignments or projects and not straining their pocket at the same time.

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