Safety First For All Cyclists

Cycling can often be seen as a great way of travelling around especially if you are looking to keep down the costs that you would commonly associate with running a car (tax, insurance, MOT etc) and for many people this environmentally friendly approach is proving quite popular as a way to keep fit and an alternative to sitting in traffic every day.

Unfortunately one of the major downsides of using a bicycle is that in general it doesn’t afford you the type of protection that you would come to associate with a car and therefore if you are involved in a¬†cycling accident¬†you could be left with quite substantial injuries. To help prevent this from happening you need to give yourself access to the best possible safety features available.

What to look for when buying a bike

Safety starts at the very beginning and this means that when you purchase a bike you need to ensure that you are buying a well-built, robust and generally safe to use. Inspecting your bike to ensure that the brakes, tyres and various other features are working correctly is very important and you should always test these before you undertake a long distance cycle. When travelling at a high speed these are the elements of your bicycle that will help to keep you safe and if even just one of these fails then you could find yourself thrown from the bicycle and in serious trouble.

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What maintenance needs to be performed?

Many people feel that unlike a car a bicycle does not require any type of maintenance, but this is simply not the case. Bicycles require a great deal of maintenance and upkeep to be kept in tip top condition and to remain safe while you use them. Each element of your bicycle needs to be inspected and potentially replaced or fixed if a fault is found. This means that before you consider a long journey or each month or so you need to check your bicycle over for any potential problems which could be arising.

What safety measures do I need to take?

Once you have checked that your bicycle is safe to use you need to make sure that you are also following the safety guidelines to take care of yourself. This means wearing a helmet when you are cycling out on the road as well as abiding by any road rules which you might need. If you are travelling at night then you need to make sure that you are wearing high visibility clothing so that you can easily be seen by other motorists.

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