Save the Date Announcements: Why We Love This New Wedding Trend

Save the Date cards are a new development in wedding planning that get the celebration off to an early start as well as offering guests a heads up in case they need to plan ahead. They provide the wedding couple a number of benefits unavailable through traditional wedding stationery, including those listed below.

Advance warning

As modern life becomes more hectic and schedules tighter, it becomes more important to give friends and relatives advance warning of an event like a wedding. This is particularly true if attendance will require long distance travel for most attendees. An early notice is also appreciated if the wedding will require a considerable time commitment, as with the increasingly popular three-day weddings, or if the projected date is in a peak travel period or a time of heavy workload for some guests. For whatever reason, a notice to plan ahead makes it less likely that anyone will have to decline a wedding invitation.

Set the Tone

Save the dates are the perfect chance to establish the atmosphere of the wedding. If the ceremony will be gloriously formal in a traditional vein, save the date cards may be the same sort of formal paper and calligraphy as the rest of the stationary package. For a more relaxed and contemporary wedding, save the dates may may range from clever cards or postcards to personalized items like pens or refrigerator magnets.

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Begin the wedding

Often when bride and groom are in the planning phases of a wedding, particularly if it is to be very large, they may feel that they are putting in a tremendous amount of work before any of the fun starts. Save the dates are a way to kick off a wedding early in the process. Selecting them, addressing and mailing them and enjoying letters of congratulation are activities that the bridal couple can share, giving them the feeling that the wedding festivities are underway even though the ceremony itself is more than a year down the road.

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