Self-Help Tips For Hosting A Housewarming Party

Your house removals company has just finished unloading the last box and your family and friends are already pestering you to let them come over and see your new place. Throwing a housewarming party is an excuse to meet the neighbours and it’s a way to show off your new pad to all your family and friends. House warming parties can be as casual or as extravagant as you wish. Guests don’t expect much, only to be able to wander around observing every room in your house. To throw a simple house warming party that doesn’t stretch the budget, check out the following tips.


Digital invitations are a cheap and fast way to spread the word that you are having a gathering. Include the usual: time, date, information about any theme or dress code. Also, don’t forget to include directions and maybe a screenshot of Google maps. Pop printed decorations into your neighbours letter boxes, or use the opportunity to introduce yourself to the neighbours by handing the invitations out door to door.


You can go all out and purchase balloons and bunting from a discount store or online. If you want a more subtle approach, just fill a few vases with flowers, light a few candles and purchase an air freshener. Also plants are a great way to make a house look homely. If you have a garden or a balcony, consider buying some string lights to enhance the party atmosphere.


Guests won’t expect a big meal. Instead, just serve a platter of finger food such as: carrot and celery sticks; cheese cubes and olives; grapes and berries; nachos and dips; and bowls of nuts. If you are having a BBQ, you can keep it simple by just serving cocktail sausages, kebabs and toasted marshmallows.

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Watch out for wine sales in your local supermarket and buy in bulk. Another way to serve alcohol cheaply is to make a giant punch. You can make a non-alcoholic version for the designated drivers. Other non-alcoholic favorites include sparkling juices.


If you leave your ipod hooked up to your sound system your guests will choose their own tunes. Some people might even have playlists on their phones or ipods. Another way to soundtrack your party is to pop a DVD of a concert on the TV and have it playing in the background.


Don’t forget to stock up on essential supplies such as toilet paper, rubbish bags, paper napkins, plastic cups, paper plates and plastic cutlery. Make sure your camera is charged and ready for any funny moments. Prepare a space in advance for coats (and shoes, if you’ve just laid new carpet!).


Don’t worry too much about entertaining your guests; really all they will want to do is snoop around your new house. When they do settle down with a glass of wine you could engage them in a few party games. You can stick to the usuals such as scrabble, beer pong and cards, or you can ask people to split into teams and host a mini table quiz with questions that are related to moving home. Karaoke is always a great way to keep everyone entertained too.

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