Setting The Trend: Celebs That Are Ditching Denim For Printed Leggings

With 2013 firmly underway, it seems this trend is set to continue but with a slight evolution to account for the sweltering spring and summer weather that’s headed our way. As always, those pesky celebs with their links to top designers (not jealous!) are first on the scene sporting these top trends here’s who’s been snapped so far with jazzed-up pins!

1. Cheryl Cole

When on tour promoting her ‘A Million Lights’ album, which was released in 2012, ex-Girls Aloud singer Cheryl Cole was spotted in Germany sporting camouflage-style green and black leggings with matching faux snake skin Alexandre Birman heels. The snazzy legwear was perfect to punctuate the more plain design of her black blazer and more reserved style of jewellery.

2. Hilary Duff

Bucking the trend and following on from leopard print denim from last year, the child actor-come-pop sensation was photographed by paparazzi at the end of 2012, following in the style footsteps of the likes of Miley Cyrus and Lindsay Lohan by wearing animal print pattern leggings to bring some ‘zazz’ to an otherwise rather reserved and plain outfit; exactly how the style is meant to look.

3. Carly Rae Jepsen

Following suit from Cheryl Cole’s printed legging get up, the ‘Call Me Maybe’ star was snapped in London at the end of last year wearing exactly the same pair of leggings! Well, the same design at least; we assume they don’t share that one pair. Miss Jepsen was out in the UK capital promoting her latest album, ‘Kiss’, which features the annoyingly-catchy number one that everyone knows.

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4. Nicki Minaj

Seen checking into a Beverley Hills Hotel, keen-eyed photographers managed to snap outlandish R&B sensation Nicki Minaj following the printed leggings trend. Known for more ridiculous and over-the-top outfits than Lady Gaga, Miss Minaj’s slightly more conservative outfit still had a touch of wildness with a polka dot/stripe design mix.

5. Sarah Harding (Girls Aloud)

Just before Christmas, Girls Aloud reformed at Radio 1’s studios for an interview at a Live Lounge recording session. Most of the girls were dressed rather conservatively, but Sarah Harding bought a splash of vibrancy and colour to the studio by rocking a pair of fabulous floral leggings and getting spring started early. She might not have made the weather much better, but she definitely gave us a glimpse of 2013’s hot styles.

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