Simple Tips And Trends For Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes are one of the most fun things to pick out for your wedding. These days, the traditional cake is not only the way to go. Couples are going for funkier cakes without tiers and there is also the popular cupcake tower. With so many options out there, you want to be prepared and informed when you start looking for the perfect cake for your big day. It should reflect your personalities and individuality as a couple. Below are some tips and trends to keep in mind.

Check Magazines & Websites

Browsing through wedding magazines and of course using the internet is a great place to start looking for what style wedding cake you want. Be sure and do this as a couple so as do avoid unnecessary arguments.  After you have chose some possible cakes, try making a scrapbook of your favorites and jot down notes about why you like them. After you have narrowed down the field, talk to your cake designer or baker. They will able to tell you what they can do for you, or refer you to someone who can.

Have You Considered Shape & Size?

When it comes to shapes and sizes of cakes, round cakes are still the most popular. However, they are not necessarily your best option. If you are a couple that is adventurous, go for something out of the ordinary. Square wedding cakes that are off center are super chic! Even cakes in the shape of things you like, for the bride, there are even cakes made to look like a wedding dress. Explore your options and see what is best for you as a couple.

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Of Course Flavor is a Big Deal

Taste is a huge part of the wedding cake. And these days, chocolate and vanilla cakes are no longer the norm. Believe it or not, cheesecakes are really trendy and make gorgeous wedding cakes. Also, with cheesecake and other cakes, try different flavors such as a berry flavored cake, layers of caramel, jams, etc. Talk to your baker and see what other ideas he or she has.

The most fun part about choosing the perfect wedding cake is the tasting! Make sure you love the flavors and that you think your guests will as well. If you are doing a layered or tiered cake, you can even have each layer be a different flavor to satisfy all your guests. Don’t be afraid to ask for a taste test of many different varieties.

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